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May 7, 2003     Winthrop News
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May 7, 2003

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l Winthrop News Wednesday, May 7, 2003 Page etters to the Editor School Notes Volunteers set great example To the firefighter: prepare food and beverages for the I watched in awe how all of firefighters. Within a hour you had you worked together. 200 firefight- fresh sandwiches, hot barbeques, by Dr. Stephen Malone ers, from 14 different departments, hot out of the oven bars and cook- GFW Superintendent GFW Test Scores Improve all working together like a fine ies, fresh coffee andjuices to name Again ..... The Minnesota Basic tuned machine. No rivalries, but all a few. Wow, it takes me longer than Standards test scores for mathemat- of you working toward a common that to figure out what I'm going to ics and reading were released last mission. The communication was make for supper much less make it week. All 8th grade students take the exemplary, and to top it all the middle basic tests which are required for It takes a special person to go of the night! It was like an assem- high school graduation. GFW's aver- inside of a burning building when bly line. All of you just stepping age mathematics score improved everyone else wants to get away right into place. Martha Stewart from 649 to 655. GFW's average from it. You risk your lives for the doesn't hold a candle to you. reading score improved from 636 to safety of others. What an awesome To the Legion: 643. trait you have. the rest of You didn't hesitate to open The Minnesota Comprehensive us begin to express our apprecia- your doors to provide a place for Assessment (MCA) test scores for tion for what you do...Thank you the firefighters to have a little mathematics and reading were doesn't seem to be enough, reprieve and much needed nourish- recently announced. This test is taken The most amazing part is that ment and the auxiliary a conven- by 3rd and 5th grade students and you volunteer to do this! It is com- lent place to do their part. I'm sure used to verify progress for the new forting to know that you are there cleanup was no treat! Federal No Child Left Behind to help and protect us when we For all of you, just wanted to (NCLB)Act. need you no matter what time or let people know of your unselfish GFW surpassed the national day it is. A very sincere thank you deeds. You set a Great example for standard in both reading and mathe- goes you. us all! Small communities are truly matics. Every GFW 3rd and 5th To the auxiliary: the best places to be. I also watched in awe at how With much appreciation, quickly you all came together to Colleen Dietz grade student exceeded the NCLB standard. All schools in the USA must meet the standards by the year 2014. Activities Conference ..... GFW is reviewing options regarding activi- ties conferences. Information about the activities conference options available to GFW has been compiled and will be distributed to students (grades 7-12) on May 7th. The infor- mation can he obtained at the three school offices. It is also posted on the GFW web site: www.gfw.k A public hearing will begin at 8:30 p.m. on May 19th in the high school gym about the activities con- ference options available to GFW. Community members who would like to address the school board about this issue may do so. The school board will make a decision regarding activities conference mem- hership after hearing from the public. Staff Reduction ..... Since GFW enrollment is declining so there is " less revenue available to the school. Since GFW serves fewer students it is important to reduce staff accord- ingly. The enrollment decline enables the reduction of 2.83 staff positions whim maintaining an equivalent cur- riculum array, Since we are expect- ing fewer students this fall the same programs can be provided with fewer staff members. County Public Health will feel impact of budget cuts and cost-shifts Governor Tim Pawlenty's mas- where new under-funded mandates sire proposed reductions in state are created, the new mandates may support for county services will not be provided or will be provided affect each and every department at the expense of other services. in county government. Service lev- Budget reductions proposed by els for giving children immuniza- the governor will mean fewer pub- tions, delivering in-home health lic health workers will be available care visits for the elderly, and pre- to be mobilized to immunize the venting youth chemical abuse, population in the event of a disease could be dramatically changed if outbreak. It means less frequent the Legislature enacts the reduc- inspections of restaurants to ensure tions and new fees proposed by the that food is safe. It also means governor, longer waiting times for WIC clin- Protecting the health of the ics, prenatal services, and health public is a fundamental responsi- care at community clinics and pub- bility of both state and county gov- lic hospitals. The elderly and dis- ernment. Public health efforts abled will have fewer community focus on keeping all county resi- alternatives such as home-deliv- dents safe by preventing diseases, ered meals, home health care, and protecting against environmental other in-home support services, r ce Told Tales Compiled by Lynda New baseball the Tomahawk organization with name of proposed 75 years lels the M.&St. L.R.R. from Norwood to Redwood Falls. 75 YEARS AGO role of Lord Fancourt Babberly, a May 10, 1928 friend in need, made good use of the If present plans materialize a opportunity offered by the part for new baseball organization will soon interpreting the many humorous situ- grace the diamond in these parts for ations in the play "Charley's Aunt." the 1928 season. Under the plans as The play was given by the seniors at outlined at a meeting of baseball the school auditorium. enthusiasts held at Gaylord, eight Again this year, two people have towns have been proposed in the been selected to head the Hi-Lites' schedule including Arlington, staff. They are the new co-editors, Brownton, Gibbon, Green Isle, Loren Maimer and Melva Miller. Fairfax, Gaylord, Henderson and The bids on the new school addi- Winthrop. The name chosen for the tion for the Winthrop Community new organization is "The Tomahawk School will be opened on next League," adopting the name of the Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock p.m. famed Tomahawk trail which paral- To date there have been 22 contrac- tor's who have called for plans on the Brian Wieland and Amie Berdan successfully caught a man attempting to break-in at the Farmers Cooperative in Lafayette. Berdan said the burglar alarm system was set off as attempts were being made to enter through one of the East doors at the Coop. The system was activated at approximately 12:45 a.m. Berdan parked his car in such a way making it impossible for the burglar to get away by car. Funeral services for Leslie L. Backer, who had attained the age of 77 years, were held at First Lutheran Church in Winthrop. Jan Herman Bents, 55, died at his health hazards,,and assuring access making it more likely that they ']Vlr, Ev, a Ostro i, r of to health care serviCes. COunty would enter nursing homes, It . 0 t ha' h6te of public ealth departments also pre- means more uncompensated chari- her experiences in the mission field vent individual health problems ty care in public hospitals for peo- of North Africa. and protect citizens through pub- pie without health insurance, Winthrop offers no apology to licly funded health care programs which means that their care will be the music world. The honors won that serve the elderly, disabled, paid for by local tax dollars or will taking second place by the Winthrop children and pregnant women, not be provided at all. Failing to Choral Group at the meeting of Third The governor's budget would invest in proven prevention strate- District Federation of Women's reduce funding for public health by gies, like immunizations or tobac- Clubs proves Well this assertation. $23 million per year and reduce co use prevention programs, means The choral group comprised of Mrs. funding for health care services by that we will pay more in the future Scott Carrigan, Mrs. Jack as much as $75 million per year, in for health care and public safety. Lamberton, Mrs. Victor Munsll, addition to the $6 million already The governor's proposed budg- unalioted for 2003. Reductions this et will have a direct effect on the Miss Agnes Lilyquist, Mrs. Laura large mean that there will be less public's overall safety and well- Thorson, Mrs. Jordan Mikes, Miss protection against disease out- being. Services that are vital to our Hilda Rigneli, Miss Lydia E. Noreen breaks (such as tuberculosis,communities, like public safety and Mrs. O.H. Hoveland. Bundlies Grocery advertised 2 meningitis or smallpox), moreresponse times, will he compro- women will not receive prenatal mised. Both large and small coun- ib.,2oz, glass jar of peanut butter for care, more elderly will not receive ties will have the additional chal- 49 cents;Oval can of mustard or care in their own homes, and more lenge of meeting new security tomato sardines for 12 cents; and 3 Minnesotans will go without health demands posed by the increasing Ibs. good rice for 21 cents. insurance, number of methamphetamine labsThe many Winthrop friends of "Counties are not using scare and other new sophisticated drug Mr. Alfred E Bothman, formerly of tactics to influence the public," labs. At a time when the goal of this city, will regret to learn of the sad said Jim Mulder, Executive public safety is to reach out into and untimely death of his wife. Last Director of the Association of our communities to prevent crime Thursday in the early morn, the grim Minnesota Counties (AMC). "The and protect the public's health, reaper of life appeared in our midst fact is that many county health and crime prevention and community and claimed the life of Mrs. Alf. E safety services will be inevitably health services may be the first Bothmann, age 36, one of our most impacted by the governor's pro- areas affected by the governor's kind and loving mothers. She had posed budget cuts and citizens will proposed budget reductions and been in apparently good health until a feel the impact in one way ornew fees. week previous when a severe case of another." For more information on theblood poisoning set in from a pin The governor proposes to pro- budget challenges facing your prick. Rumors were heard that she tect property taxpayers by impos- local public health department, could not live, and from all who ing levy limits on Counties while at please contact Sibley County knew her and loved her so well, went the same time reducing state fund- Public Health Department (507) up the silent prayer: "Not here. O mg support, raising fees and 237-4035. death, not here, Is there no other increasing local costs. Counties Submitted by, fiower for thee to take? All the world will have few options for continu- Mavis Pautz is thine, and for its sake Oh, come not ing to provide services that are not Director here." But alas, "Death loves a shin- mandated by state law. In instances ing mark"-and so it came, spreading a dark gloom over the whole corn- The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution ..... munity. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or 50 YEARS AGO prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, May 7, 1953 or of the press, or the dght of the people peaceably to assemble, and to Dick Hinquist who played the petition the government for a redress of grievances. I IIII I I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIII I II I I general contract, 11 on the plumbing and heating and three on the electri- cal. A new ordinance, No. 68, received its final reading at the city council meeting. It pertains to the vending of natural gas and sets forth the rules governing the conduct of such business in the city. The Minnesota Valley Natural Gas Company has been granted exclusive rights in the city for a period of twen- ty years. Two of the members of the Winthrop Faculty have resigned this year and all of the remaining mem- bers have indicated that they will return. Lowell Johnson has decided that farming is more lucrative occu- pation than school teaching so next year he will be a tiller of the soil. Miss Ruth Heine who has been teaching one of the fourth grades has decided to seek greener pastures and has signed a contract to teach at Albert Lea next year. Mrs. Carl Holmgren passed away at her home at Raymond Saturday morning Mrs. Holmgren is survived by 13 children. The marriage of Miss Julia Wuthrich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Wuthrich of Elgin, Illinois, to James Messner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Messner of Winthrop. 25 YEARSAGO May 4, 1978 Winthrop Cub Scout Pack 13 received a tree, compliments of Conklin and Sons Nursery. The tree was planted" in the City Park for Arbor Day. Jim Perry, one of baseball's immortal pitchers will speak at the Churchmen's dinner'at First Lutheran Church Sunday night at 7 p.m. The men have invited the churchwomen to join them for this final event of the year. home near Stewart. Services were held at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Round Grove township. 5 YEARS AGO May 6, 1998 Norville Stuber appeared before the Winthrop City Council request- ing to hook his sump pump directly to the storm Sewer. The Council passed the item by a 3-1 vote with Alderman Pete Machaiek objecting. Hooking into the storm sewer would require excavating part of the street in that area. City Administrator Sam Shult said that this particular street has been scheduled to be repaired. A petition to annex the develop- ment area that would include a bed and breakfast and six lots was approved by the Winthrop City Council. Naomi Fan" appeared before the Council to discuss the proposed development and possible annexa- tion to the city. Bookkeepers Sheri Martin and Marian Wendinger were given salary increases of 8.1 percent over the next two years. The salaries which were $25,369 last year were raised to $27,450 this school year andS27,450 the second year of the contract. With benefits included, the package will cost the district $34,660 and $34,780 respectively the next two years, an increase of 9.6 percent. The board also agreed to extend the contract for the technology coor- dinator, Ron Swanherg, who has been on a five-year-leave of absence. He will return full-time next fall and will receive a salary of $44,500 with 10 percent of his contract purchased by Riverhend Education District. Dorothy M. Stevens, age 72, of Stillwater, formerly of Winthrop and New UIm, died Thursday,April 30, 1998 at the Greeley Health Care Center in Stiilwater. so HAROLD SAYS, "! GUl~SS YOU WANT TO DO THI~ MOTHE-R'S DAY BUFIFI~T AGAIN THIS ~AdR" --AND ! SAY mm,l, ar ryscar tooes, com 22 Z3 Z7 39 18 26 CLUES ACROSS CLUES DOWN 1. Small drink of liquor 4. Hard-rinded inedible fruit 9. Purposes 13. Compass pt. 14. Male ballet performer 15. Wrath 16. Radioactivity units 17. Snicker 18. Musical interval 20. Arab market 22. A way to become lost 25. Sloth 27. British thermal unit 28. A very large body of water 29. Turn away 32. Clamors 35. Give advice, explain 39. Guns 40. Waterproof fabric 41. Chinese Moslem 42. Islands 44. Pay attention to 1. Inner layer of the skin 2. A nucleic acid 3. Yellow-fever mosquitoes 4. Pistol, slang ~. Small integers City in S. Argentina 7. Smell to heaven 8. Scheduled to arrive 10. Located 11. Before 12. Indian red, for one 19. Explosive 21. Playing card 23. A hard nonresilient rubber 24. Veggies 25. Serves 26. Within hearing 29. Austria 30. Horse membrane 31. Being a single unit or thing of group or category 33. Former CIA 45. Sink fixture 34. Having a grainy texture 47. Overly 36. Supplement with difficulty 49. Prototypes 37. A tool for cutting male (exter" 51. Mythological Titan nal) screw threads 54. Nurse-patient relationship 38. Conclusive in a process or 56. Swiss river gression 58. Seaport in Cameroon 43. Cradlesong 60. Fire 46. Flower petals 62. Returned material authoriza- 48. An awkward stupid person tion, abbr. 49. Volcanic craters 63. Saturday 50. Elastance unit 64. Includes Ewe and Fen lan- 52. Accepted practice guages 53. Athletic shoes 65. Free from danger 54. Sousaphone 66. John Howard __, actor 55. Kin group 67. The dried leaves of the hemp 57. Doctors' group plant 58. Dip lightly into water 59. Fed 61. Ed Murrow's home If you have a complaint about a story we wrote, we'd like know. Please call the editor. If we can't resolve differences, call the Minnesota News Ceuncil, an inde nonprofit agency that promotes media fairness. tO 1 Minnesota News Council 2 South Sixth Street, Suite 1122 Minneapolis, MN 55402 612-341-9357 ews 110 North Carver, Box L, Winthrop, MN 55396 Phone: 507-647-5357 , Fax: 507-647-5358 Office Hours: 8:30 to 5, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday Open Wednesdays, 8 a,m. to noon POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Winthrop News, P.O. Box L, Winthrop, MN 55396 Douglas W. Hanson and Deborah L. 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