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May 9, 1946     Winthrop News
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May 9, 1946

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-,~mpt][ed4to?O~keFOr LOCal [examme~tne cmlaren air parents[l ells ] i![[l I s a " g peoples, aeeormng" to 1[ ,, /Marshall- I. "" " . . . ins Plant t / Store To Take Over]At lrl- ui | . I tnt i i' Be Conducted I' [ To Take Possession [ ......... I mercy ! Sends Out Appeal , USES / This Week /1"told In Killing }Reaching I To Dairy Patrons i ~eNew Ulmareaof the USES/ ~ t The Marshall-Wells store at Win-Of I]~l, fa~Lt , The soft coal strike, which threaten. ........ i k^~nt that approximately 15001 ~ Koller, will change hands this week. Anew-born baby boy was killed County s is bein brou htmi ht close tohol~e ~^wll! be needed by the Can- The new owner is Emmet W. Rooney near Arlington Sunday. Gordon The f:lglowing letterg ~Ys received the: ,:~ inFal~4~ms m .thin area fr the [ of St. Cloud-Mr-Rooney will be in Steinborn, 26, a milk hauler in the Farmers Back past week b~ the Tri-County Dairy , bre~l.~^_~nmng season. A fur- active charge of the business just as ~. ...... Cooperative at Winthrop from the. --~v . ~A.hngton wcmlt is beln held with- ~ : vidtml .l~a. records the needs by ~)Ji:~ soon as inventory of the stock, now . y g, Appeal To Help North Western-Hanna Fuel Co This - erw y, mp eted. [ ' Starvm Mflhnn letter shows the grave situation which - ~, .... cs as Io|lows- I d a i o 1 out charge aIter a coroner s jury ac .... . " p~Ornla Packing Corporation, -:-~:-" I l Mr. Koller has been active in busi- cased him of wielding the instrument I c~ v ~ ] now confronts us. It reads: :~ : .~Ye--~850 Workers (300 Fe- ! , /ness here for the past nine years and[ that killed the child. I ............ [Tc~ c~]~v ................... ' -,.~au ~lale) Between June 10 and[Tu~^ V .....-1-.t.I 'P_ lhas met with fine success. He has,[ ............... [ wnea~ ~armers c!i ~m~ey ~ountyI ...... ~xr~m w~t~mr~n~: : ' ~i. t ~-~-D~ l~utli~,~dt~tlll IO / ..... t _ ~ xne jury s verum~ reau tna~ the lare responoing well to the anneal of I ,,~ ..... , .......... : C ' However, a yenzor ms zormer Home, ,, . " --~ ~s nearly a~ we are aole co es~l- ", ahforn~ I baby came to h~s death as a result UNRR c a Packm C S A Dire tor, Fmrello LaGuardm mate our corn 1 en. ~_ "g orporation,~ pe(xk In Church Here l the state of Texas, where he had/o ~n in~ ..... '-fli-*d ~- "0-~'~ ~qa[ "... ~' .. ". ,. =,..' I ' pete stock of industrial::i~!~ "a ~ e----. ] $ ~ .. j~..$., ~wu ,,. oo.,~ ~,-" anct S eret r" i i le ,,~,Y~ .,o0 Workers (400 Fe- ~b ~.._J____ ~',___ "~_ __ tformerly resided for several years ............................ 1_ e a y o ~gncuture, ~mtonlcoaI on the docks will be depleted in , ~:?~ alale) Between August I01''~" OUtLt~tU~ ~-vemng I it is in the Rio Grande valley, nearlWneL'T wa~ ~tffuc~ uy some uu. ,!,- p. Anoerson to aeliver wheat at once about ten days. The mine strike has, .: ,;.o. " t __ [ the town of McAllen where Mr. Ko,- I ......... [ I ut off coal production in the east as vc~ooer s~rument m the regmn of the neck to eeo t rvln p salt that you have then taken over the noon hour permit national, state, county and Shonal food to allevmte~erJl~. -~ o~one Cannin ~" , aria tnroat, an~ sucn mow was in- County AAA Chairman, Reinhold! . ...... g Company, Ar-t ~]r~t Lutheran t~ s mother and three brothers re-t. .... a ~ .... ,~ ...... e,~;.~... ,,}.. , well as m most other parts of the ~, ~'~I",--~_ Workers (200 Female,]f~]~ .... 1~ D .... .:~. Iside. It is in this same eommunityt ....... ~ .................... [vorwer~. [country. Boats which we had sched- " .~ a~e~ Between August 10 and l x_~tu_t~H x~t~lJt, lUlI [where Mr. Koller has acquired a 53-1 Steinborn, a truck driver hauling~ Reports to the county AAA offiee]uled for receipt during April have not- C ) For I acre fruit ranch Mr and Mrs Koller ] milk for farmers in that community, ] indicate that approximately 3,000 :~oved, The stocks on the docks have ' ~ii amnesota Valley Cannin~ Com 1 ....... land daughters, Betty'June and Judith lived with the William Brockoff fam- I bushels of wheat have been delivered I been lower than normal for the ast. ~, !~ ~y - ~ - o P ~al ~ro .P~00 Workers (1301 The First Luther n Chuc will[Ann' expect to leave for thezr TexaslflY m Arhngton township. A daugh-lto county elevators under the mercy , Wlnt . - year and the small reserves are now" e .o a ____r_h ...... ....... , ~..~ ,n',v mare) Between August ~ hold ...... l home the early part of June. Win-!ter, Lllah Broekoff, gave birth to a l wheat certificate plan whmh went into [ rapidly dzsappearmg. ~, . ~ we, come nomehT:p~onn :~: throp regrets to lose this estimable child Sunday morning, according to effect April 2. "The small remaining stocks of ,~ ~P~mber 30 zts men and women o .~.assist!. these employers fn meet- } service during, th~ w~ o~, ,~.~o~ [ amily butf the besot f well wishe" s]county offiemls". A doctor was called [ In addition to the choose-your-[coal are be" g distributed aceordingm ! m~ct~ms__labr. . need. , ...... ~ho ~v~ .... wm I ____-~rv~ce on momer~ "~'~ 's''""uay.. "~unaay~"~"./will ~ro with them from their host of when ..... the mother became ill. She was price_ date advantage of thts" plan., the to SFAW regulations on an absolutely~ ' ':. ~_. ~%ns. tratmn of all sehool[MaF 12. at8n m Th~nrnw~mwilltlOcal friend,, ltaken~o~he Gaylord nosp~al. WhenlGovernment now is paying a bonus[fret basra. We will continue to ship, h~-a~ and a door to door canvas of consist of sn~i~" n:~--"-:," "~,~ [ Mr. Rooney has had several years [ asked where the child was, oflteials [ of 30 cents a bushel for all wheat [ you as long as we Can, but, unles~ it ever~ _tl~...t~.o counties to re- Chmr, Instrumental numbers, a wel-lexpe?once m the eap acltms.of .both[were told that2t wasdead, and buried. [delivered before May 25 under thelthere ls.some.l.mmedi:~, governments! ' st~ ___.. to actual combat, the Youngdahl. After the urogram the [travels over Minnesota and Wisconsin [above, accusing Steinborn was re- [between now and April 1, 1947 to ]plant after work is resumed, ami if a. :, m|~("--~ntmUeSwar, to millions. . of peo- ladies of the church willY" serve re- he had found, no place which he looked._.turned. Co.: Atty..Everett Youn. .g who cash his certificate. ...He will receive [shutdown.. at your plant is. to be kept ....: Asia. ~orn countries m ~]urope freshments in connection with the[upOn .greater favor than Wl.n [is examining witnesses, lndicated/the local prlce, prevaihng the day he at a .m.mlmum, we suggest that yoa :: ~ated [n0usands of acres of land social hour. The general public is[thr~,p" tie m mamed and hm wdelthat a grand jury will be called to[cashes it. Thin enables the farmel|~tely: _ ai~ ~_'~ oy the blight of war still invited to attend this ewnt nndland three children, Nancy Lee, 7;[hear the evidence. [to take advantage of any price in-I "Call or wire your senators and . ~:.~m ..... a non-productive conditmn." " thereb.v .oral " m" thel_',- .-.--tetvltm "- ...... to" the [ Patrick, 3; and .... Mary Ann, 14 months, [ [crease. However, he cannot pick a [representatives .... in Washington de- ~' ~:_,,t macl~inery,manpower, men and women who serv~t t h~ir[expeet to amve m Winthrop th~s [ ]date already past the day he decides Imandmg eongresmonal action to put ,~ ---- ...... , . . " us~ seed m these war-torn country in the far fl .... hotHo~om..~ I week. Thy will occupy thehwng [ r~._L_o_L L'_ ~ |to cash his certificate. [the mines to work. These messages. o~m m~kes i -" "-'~ .............. r m ov " " "e L~l.a-~t ~- gU'itll should " Vhen ,~ t problematical as thin last war. [ oo s er the store braiding whi h [ [ 2. The bonus and the eerhfieate [ be strong, stressing your par- th,, ~a~y will again produce food I the Koller family are vacating. [Bureau Conference lean be cashed together or ~eparatel [ticular problems as to processing of -:~ HUngry children_ worn .... a -- I The News joins in welcoming Mr at the count AAA office food, production~of much needed ma-~ h:" mese countries.--" ~" Pro-School Clinic l aooney and family to Winthrop. "/Scheduled [ 3. For FYderal income tax re-[terials and the employment of labor, " ~s ~Overnment of the United [ 1 [turns, the wheat and bonus income [ "In addition, we ~elieve you should ; o.~recgnizes these facts and so ~ A. pr%~hool clinic will be held on [ ......... I The district Farm Bureau confer- |will be declared for the year received [stress immediate action towards pro- : ,tliner may be reborn of the rrmay, ~ay 10th starting at 1 p. rm l Winthrop Wins [once for this section of the state will |--1946 or 1947 as the case may be [venting ,~:~:ditions resulting from the =i~lal! child.ten in the ~bcinity who/ From Madelia Ibe held at Gaylord on May 20. Farm[ 4. The wheat will be received "by[ "(a) The c~e~tion of labor mono-~ [s itch~nehng every item of food- doc~t:;::n , fall. The local[ [Bureau officers, leaders and membershocal elevators which will issue thelpoly and royalty payments (Petrillo. - S a a a ~lentlsts WillDe tHere to basis n ~ .... p re into those countries ....... " .... [ Winthrop scored twice in the see- [ from Sibley and neighboring counties/special Government certificate. [ " ) : ( re~o,--, stave off starvation .... : ...... [ond and batted around in the fourth[will attend this conference.[ Mr. Vorwerk pointed out thatl (b) Unionization of managerial: ae ~uc]ol~ are urgea to ormgtHeir emiaren.]for seven more runs to defeat Madelial The program will begin at 10 A. M. ]farmers could get more than one eer-[employees- : i~t .~ in ira present Position by X~,~t ~~ 1~,~ $ ~~ ~ ~ ~ g~ ]and any others who a~ interested are | ............. [ gether with a foot note, to some 2,000~ : "gall of our I~ ,IkALIkJLIk&q~ -La,ILLL~,]~i, .I,J-L~ ,L tuesaay, may ~a, win De me ms~I ~-~o~ efforts toward food..~ JL~ c~ ~ ~ [welcome to attend, says_ Mrs. A. A. |m ~i .... xo r .... patrons of the member creameries of . ee ng r ms year. . . ' ~" ~,t,._ ou ask, How can I ~. a s a ~$~P 9 ~1 [Klueas, County Farm Bureau home[ ~h~ nw~o,~m in ,m~t ~ t~ ,, ,~ the Tri-County Dairy Cooperahve.., , o~: a~er may be found on J~1~l~1~T ~])~#][~]r~ ]~ hi1 ~ i~ ~and community chairman. |1o~': "~-~:'~tt"~'~,~ ""~'a~'~ :~?The footnote reads: ~. e~[])~;~ffi..__ r. x #~,u n~ve zarm i ~-~,zuereat~ tot ,av,-v.m.. ~,*...~=v~,, I~N~-l-~ornl Ente~t~iwm~nt hv M~ Wal. 111 ~ne eveln; r.nls strike is no~;: , the * be he d the mnin at Ost m i. at. y we wi. b. It You In fu~din-~_-~,t who. will lily lgnm . and parhamentari~. Elected to the e]lrdon May 20 V a~. Bares, lead [from New Ulm ~nll be the speaker, to. shut d~ our dry milk plant at, ~ay r~,~.~._ .~.a xarm loP; or ATIT~I]~] ~,c~.l~r~ offices respectively were: Mrs. Shop-[ers trom ~enzrm ana ~or~nern ram-| wmvm'op, xou, a~ ~ proaucer, mu~ he U~,-~-~"~r ~nta the Local ~ .................. pard of Hutchinson, Mrs Merald |nesota will attend the series of meet- | realize that that would mean a sertoos. employm~ffint in the Held Here May 4 Thom~so, of Winthroo and Mrs Cer-lings to be held the week of June 3.[ ..... loss to you. In view of the fact th~t~ :~ it"is':._~u~ri-- this coming sea- -- v~ck o'f Faribault Ad'journment waslThese meetings are held annually to|_%ekevd i;lo t; n the Government is requesting addit- :~ revio='e~e~ The Third District of the Minnesota ~ I " " /----..., ---.~.,v.. : R'k or that once m that type Federation of Women's Clubs held its A delicious luncheon was served by| ..twnship Farm Bureau leaders t[ll~, -- , - I ---- throughout the world we feel that It: full-time. Y~.are not able to thirty-eighth annual convention in circle No. 2 of the First Lutheran[dmcuss ways In which the Farm B.r-/L IStrlCt NO. O3 is very unjust that this strike be &l- ~Y types of s maustry utili- our city last Saturday, May 4 The church in the church parlors. During|eau can increase its services to agri-| lowed to continue. The U. S. Agcl--- !rti~n:.Trke~P~?e~ym;~a~r-d VSo ~=~n~ig:esTh=ldaU:~itdor'a'tutheunWdmr a~:~e~nteMll~ifL~:~o~es:~:k;Pwithf[::~rmUreeB~=ubt~;~:h55,M~nn~r:lTu"da~, Sl rant Servi-- - the sponsorship of the Winthrop Corn- cad" g Ha I " [ " p i " mr, it-- ce ~s given to this inanity Club and the 6tad- Club The afternoon session was opened |families, comprising an adult strength [ T n ~4- TNn ~, about 180 million to 200 milliom , every Monda 9 " ~ , of o x.~t~ ~,~t~v ~n s r~_ _ y, :30 A. M ............ ".. at 1:30 o clock. The invocation was | ~ re than 150,000 people. During [ pounds for Government use. Th~ . ~'rug ~to eonowmg me nour oz reg~s~ranon, [ re, Wmthro the ast ten ears the Minnesota v SP_~. An,,l~ .... i~. p, by set at 9:30 ~ m., there were two given by Roy. Irving C. Campbell.[.~ P Y ' . " ] For Filing Is Go eminent demanded that we inst~ i ~e~t des~'~'~..~lns [or any era- business sesgion~ h-ld -~o ~od~;~, This was followed by a memorial ser- |~arm tsurea~ Has grown m s~:rength | rr~..-I .... -~r.. __ ct coal equipment when the plant was~ : "~ ~ be taken there ...... - -;'-'-' :'-" .~" ........ ~. vice honoring the memory of eight/at the rate bf about 3,000 members [ ZUt/~ty~ ~.Vl~ty ~ built.Do not lay this letter u~de.. a~ xv:tm a. m. ana one beginning ar a " N~---- 1"30 ,~ m " beloved Federation members who had [ nnually. A gain of 5,308 members | Wtre or wr~te your U. S. Senator ,=~_w~ SOMETIMEc " ~'" " nassed awav during, the year Mrs |was made last year, says Mrs. Klucas, ] Official notice of annual meeting of Representative in Congress, WaatL- e,w NEWs o ~ The presiding o~icer, was Mrs. ~. C. Wishart of ~eSueur conducted[and the gain to date, for 1946, is [school district No. ~3 appears else- ington, D. C. at once!" ClomL.._~.~.. xmtpn t~mue o~ .~en.mson, the service. /3,909. Membership is voluntary and[where in this issue of the News. Tri-County Dairy Cooperative,~ .~centl~c_ze~. to the boards of sent of?he Third Distrmt Feder~t]on. A wirls trinle trio was the next|membership work is carried on by | Tlie date is Tuesday, May 21. Theby Frank Waskow, Manager. .__ ,~ razed near here w~* - xne Lora s prayer, aavaneing ox cot- ,~ -." -- ~localvol-nteer non ,midworkors ~ ..... --~^. +~ ~..-a:a.,_. ~.._ .~.. um st w. , ... "~ ,, .... . ~, ...... numoer on me vrogram, xne young! - , -p .~ ,,,,w ~,,~.,u~o ~,-,~ ,,~.u,,.~,~o ~. ~ ..,.., ......... .. ._~--- ~-m oaily Globe dated ors, pteage ~o ~ne rmg, mtroauctmn, l~d;o~ .~,.,,-~A -~th tw~ .nml~,-~ ISiblev_ County's. membershin_ is 560 [ school board must ..file _.~t le**t ]9 d.v~s wm~e me m~uauon ]s alarrmng ~r:. --on ............... , ............... , Wa k .... Harlan p. Hall of that and smg~ng of the new statesong ......... ,, ....... ,,[member~ [--rior *^ tk^ ^~-*'^-- m~.. ...... s ow reformed the News th~tt,n~@~ was . . .,u~ -xnme ~yes ana memories. I ~" w ,,~ ~,~-~tzu,,. ,z,,~ ,zu=n,,o . . . .- chairman of the Board were g~ven m the order named. Mo..~.~... ^, .h~ ,.~ ..... ~....~..o[ I that today Thu,~o,, X~o~ o ;o +he Tri-County Dalry Mdk Plant at, ;" ~M!nnesota ~Editorial Greetings were extended the dole- B'ullls?'I~V;nn7 Teske, M~rlyTS~-|~t- ,_I o___*_ __ [last day for flling,'-'fo~'r n'~me;' ~ "be Winthrop is. bettersituated tlian, --=- was memormt oemces many omers m so-zar as reserve also part of gates and v~mtors by Mrs A C John ri t ira-- - -- " " - - son, $oyce Larson, Evelyn Kuehn, .... ] p n ed on the official ballot .... " " : .. ~..g ~o~ o~ a French news- son of Winthrop and the response was Betty Mac Hokanson Betty ~]n~all, ~'or ~/~. | There are three members to be coa~ p are eoncerm~. A|t/~ougn~ "--~u m ' " " ='- the " " Montreal. made by Mrs. Ralph Schroeder of T~.~,v.e,;~.A l~..,l.... .4 ~--.- u:- ~r~ e,-- lo]~-t~ +~ +~o ~.o.a ^~ ~ .... +;^. crams m one whsch calls lot Im-- Northfie|d. .,,~.~ r Io am ~evens [ tw~ .f~. ~! ~,~-v~. t~ ~nd n~ mediate actlon Mr. WMkow says that =-'- , ........... " .......... - -- l , 1N Follow 11 a t of for one the oeal plant will be aMe to operate ~" ing ro call, ppointmen , The first speaker onthe afternoon Memorial services for S/Sg~. Flor-[ -year term. a few ,'-,,- l~,,~ ,h,, ^~r v~=~ eommittees and the usual buaine~s program was Miss Marion Sardeson ain E. Stevens, killed in actic~'a in the] The two-year terms of Dr. Roll hi " " -- :'-;'~'~" routha "v/l " " H d d r " ~ cn ne has eon~er~ea. Tltief Rio _ ._ the delegates were pn eged of the Minneapohs O.P.A, office. Her European theatre of war, will be held! ~ e an Elme Flllbrandt have , born~n~ ~~. e to hear annual addre~ by the state talk was outlined with general infor- at the Norwegian Grove Lutheran~exp~red. The term of August Lind- = r,,,~_~= "l~ief River president, Mr~ C. E.~ Anderson 0f marion principally relating to the church on Sunday, May 12th at 2:~lstrand al~o expir~. He was ap- MAY IN MINN]~$OTA ~z~ ~ heads; Willmar. ahortages in iterms of clothing and p.m. Reverend M. E. Tweit will de-[pointed to fill the unexpired term of ~o At thin J~sctum the mmual election food. She said that many of the liver the ~m~m~, ~/~t- ~H~ev~i F. E~ Pearlon~ r~g~ed. He h~ filed i of took plaee.. There were had to etm't from in the of evmsifo the on - e ur term. Dr. Horde three offsets to be elected, a memtd the reconv~ from war ~ to (nee ChltMamse~), ~ af M~r.[a~d Mr. 1~ll~Imdt Im~ both filed J1m