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June 2, 1955     Winthrop News
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June 2, 1955

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PAGE TV,O n Cookies ... so good with Milk ! ,Cookies are good any time, t~ut served with tall, cold glasses ,of milk they're inevitably a ~m~pting treat. And when the cookies are ~aade with oatmeal or corn ~lakes, the cookie-milk serving provides nine important nutri- ents-protein, carbohydrate, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, iron, phosphorus, calcium and Vitamin A. Cereal and milk supplement each other remarkably in the various nutrients. The nutrients that are in smaller amounts in cereal, such as calcium and riboflavin, are supplied in larg- er amounts by milk, and vice versa. When the youngsters or oldsters are looking for some- thing good for a snack, here's a suggestion to keep in mind. It's a snack that helps to meet the daily food requirement for good health. OATMEAL COOKIES Cooky sheet 6 dozen cookies ~375 degree oven, 12-15 minutes 1 cup butter 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup granulated sugar 2 eggs, beaten 1 cups sifted flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt ~a cup shredded coconut 1~ cup chopped walnuts 3 cups quick rolled oats, uncooked Cream butter and sugar. Add ]}eaten eggs. Sift flour with soda and salt and add to egg mixture. Stir in coconut, walnuts, and rolled oats. Shape into four rolls, wrap in waxed paper, and chill in refrigerator overnight. Cut ineVs inch slices and put 2 inches apart on an ungreased cooky sheet. Bake in a 375 de- gree oven for 12-15 minutes. CORN FLAKE PECAN COOKIES Buttered cooky sheet 5 dozen cookies 350 , 15 minutes ~/4 cup butter I cup sugar 2 eggs, beaten 2 cups sifted flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 cups whole pecans 1 cup chopped dates 2 cups corn flakes 1 teaspoon vanilla Cream butter and sugar. Stir in eggs and mix well. Sift flour with baking powder and salt, and add. Finally, add pecans, dates, corn flakes and vanilla. Drop by teaspoonfuls on a but- tered cooky sheet and bake in a 350= oven for 15 minutes or until the cookies are brown. THE WINTHROP NEWS, The Winthrop News Established in 1887 Entered as second class n at~er -: the Post Office at Winthr, p. Minnesota. December 17. 1887. under the of March 3. 1879. MERRILL E. HAAtI~:tM Editor and Publisher Subscril~tion Rate:~ )ne year (In Minnesota) .. $3.00 )ne year (Outside Minn.) .. 3.50 Single Copies ............... 10 THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1955 Do you hear it argued that the way to solve the tax problem is to soak the bloated millionaires harder ? I In a recent year, the Internal Revenue Service reports, 171 indi- "viduals lind incomes of a million ,,r m,~re. Fhey earned a total of ~344,640,000, of which the federal government alone took $213,654 000 in taxes. If it had taken it all, it would have amounted to less than one per cent of the govern- ment's revenue that year. So it looks like we can't turn to the millionaires to carry the load. Most of the taxes, ~ad as the fact may be. nmst be paid by people ef moderate means.--LeSueur News- Herald. i.m. - REPORT fr0m the GOVERNOR ' I [pie c pro- iDo!'tai~oll c,mstltW, e a ~al'gct oi i'.ect themse yes :,s iiluch as pc3s~- ' "m.'ortance t "ole fr~,m the c,'n:.eq.:e:'.ces of l:vacua::cn if l'os~iblc V,. i .... w tha: e:'.. H-b~ mb cou!d r P;LII>e C'cstrt!etioll Ok'ei" the Cl!~il'e ' Tw:': C!t'.os v.rea. If suEcient :: n.::,_ w~qe ~xe;~. t}m best "'tie- ~.:.-: "" ;,,r such an area would be ~, ~zva:."diuoI1 (,~ as p.lttny people ~:; .)~-'s;ble. Therefo:e. a: the I Iu:ev:::g ktst week. Cotontl iIube,-t i A Schon. Minneso;a ~' * of [Civil Defen:e. announced for the i ii:'st tme Minnesota's Folicy of I i tK')llIic %Vtll'f/~,l'e. Fall-out We have heard much :d::,ut t!>, !' the radic.:-t iv..'t' ,:.~ .... s~..~,, -~'., :'o!lows the explosion of a:: H- L,,-'.,nb. and which c~,,:: b~, carried i:q" hu':dr,.~; c,f :ai!e-~ dependiP.,;r n: wh~d and other :~tmospheric conditions, i',oteetion aga!:~st f:d;- out may be necessary and should be plazmed for in all area.~ of the :tare. Colonel Schon points out secure, in every county, the c~qmble individualto radiolo~ical officer. He will'l ,,:,.. :,,,~ v:'-ws t,~ prvvide ~i:,- e>.t--v,h.,c:~ ...,..~d ~-ave X,'e ,/~.rxer, uv hope and 2mr we may never need to uUt thvse plal'tS we are Eut our reedom and our ::':ay ~.p,.aa on how well we pare. ANY WAY YOU FIGURE iF, 13 IS JUST 13 b c;-::cdac~on t,f lilet:'opoiitan areas cimt the weather bureau can g~ve ~.~ .,, --Y~-, t i:" case of imminent attack with aut accurate information as to the This tale of the 1 ' " ~, ~rvme J. zreemem [sufficient warning. Local officials d:rectmn in which any fall-oat may comes out of Staples. It ] lwcre urged to take tmmedmte ac- eccur within one hour of ~eceiving Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. a:~d their 11 ehildz n--r~ The problem of civil defense is t%n to plan for an orderly and co- wanting. Effective means of corn- to sta-rt with. Mr. J bm..;on uf real concern to officials who[ordinated evacuation, municating suchinformation to ,f a fami!y of 13. Four must exercise responsibility for !. Rural Areas Not Secure rural areas mastbe frmu!ated[chiidren were born on the planning and--in case of emergen .... :',nd set up. %~e cannot hm~t our plans and - i:a'id eaen has 13 lettez~a cy---for the execution of those preparations for civil defense toi " I , Informatmnfor Farmers :,=me. The year the Johm plans. It is also a matter of con- metropolitmn areas only. The dan- Advance knowledge of protect- ",ve:e 13 years old twin tern to the general public. For in- gc-r '_s not as great in rural areas, live measures to be taken m case[ c;,ildren were born. They formed and orderly participation bat it is real ::cvertheless.i of fall-out is essential. Eve:-von_' _. .:'ai.dchi,d:-~--~; thaw on the part of the people is essen- i2 ":.- ::track should ,c,-ur, our shouid know v:~at n:cans to take K, Lois and ~3 grls. tim in any civil defense. .~ , - . . , r fo,,'v v,q,[ of cou:se try ua ~.:-,, ~ [ :-erect h::::se!f a.:d his faro J7 'q'arget" Areas [:,.-cq~t ~.:len:y aic~.,:tft before th,,y -':_~m l'ossikle c.;r~=q~: .nvcc ef fi,:s[ The p:'ese~: ia~= of energy more' I.ust week I called an emcrgen- I " _a:i, ,:;,'.rci.,~iitan targets If such radioactN'-ty. Fa:.-:.,:s should sumpnon in the U. S. is cy meeting of the mayors and local : m, re, ~t o:: :'hou!d be success;ul ~ k:/:,w 1.low z ~ :):.~-,c:.~ i,,-c~toci-: b:." t ~cn dines tlmt in 1854. civil defense officers of the three[ ~:., av:raft, xvich bct:~bs, could ::oe',{n2 the,:~ u.,:d.:r ~, v~-,- unt':-t :dFpi:es ahno_-t 64 per ce~ la,,.., m, :toFolita,: :-:~'.:- 11,. 2,th;- ~ f.:A on rura], the dan;;er is t~vc!'. - :_qv e.:ergy wc use. :w:t,:p_ RaF,: ~-ey a.:l,.t }~e:;net)in i -t :.s therefore ira~o:tant that County ()rg:tnizaiioa [ :,?ont:.,s aP.d the Duluth area pie-[g,'.:p,e outAde lhe :av,'~e c:~;c's Colone Schon is ~)'atm!ng t ,. , \--- - " [ ,,.:_, i gLTTER .. ]'" "' ~ ~;='.ve .:..-n:,'ia! prob!cam i-] ('use an ., ....... the :.qfor::::,.t.on :'nd work with COUl~ty t ",ii d~fe:'---' CAI.L }{IUEll :it~zlck shouid occur. A million peo-[ :-'. :~>,- :,~_oc ti:a~ m=: :t be re.cos- officials in all of .'-.Z ,.u,:s,~t., t I I \ Lack of Rain Adverse to Rough F: sh Removal Lack of rain and its attendant low water levels is raisin~ havoc with rough fish removal this ~pring, Fisheries officials said to- day. Although 74 traps are in- stalled in stream inlets and out- lets and outlets 90% are inoper- due to the low water levels.' (addition to the state operated laml~ permits have been issued to ~tmut 25 individuals and organi- zations who are finding the same conditions governing the rough fish take. "In spite of the disappointing showing so far this spring, l~e- sumption of normal rainfall soon will greatly improve operations and make up for the poor showing so far," H jalnmr Swenson, Super- visor of Fisheries said. It is estimated that 7,000,000 lbs. ]of rough fish were removed from Minnesota's lakes and streams during the period from July '54 ~o April ~55 by state and contract crews. "NO MORE J with my now JOHN DEERE Powor Stooring Traotor" "No more tired rms at night with my new John Deere Model "70" Tractor with factory-engineered Power Steering," says Mr. William Kaulman.* "I have 300 head of steers and haul manure about three days a week. Power Steer- ing reaIly takes the work out of loading. Now I can load the spreader from any angle.., turn the tractor wheels easily, even when the bucket is full." *Address sent upon reques I PIOTI1$ YOU WITH "ARMO|ID ALOIIIL" t~ There is a difference in calories. Naked calories--found in sweet, d rchy foods-- upply only body fuel. With "armbred" calories you get proteins, vitamins and calcium in addition to body fuel or energy. Milk contains more highly "armored" calories than any other food--makes you feel better, more energetic. m roe mUHO TOUNO. Caldum starva. tion makes you feel old before your time. Most Americans suffer from this dietary lack. Without calcium, you tend to become nervous and irritable, to have poor teeth and bones. Milk is the only practical source of calcium. Drink at least three glasses every day to get the caldum you need to keep feeling young, vital and strong. .PItlN|NTS tOSS OF m WHEN DllI1Ne. Milk b you: source of low-ccet pro- bdn, vitamins and caldum whleh you need for vitality and a esnse of well-being. Milk build strength, not fat. High protein reducing diets built around milk are comfortable and help you feel better, live better. N,|VOUS .NSaO Tests on nervou children and adults prove that drinking three glaeses of milk every day heIIm reduce fatigue and strain. Milk is good for you, and m shing. It contains no stimulants that may increase your nervousness. Instead, it regulates the heart and ne ous system to tone the muscles. yOU susp sn11 Scientific tests definitely show that a glass of milk before bedtime relaxes you, makes sleep come more quickly, helps you sleep soundly all night through. Milk relaxes the blood vessels, aids circulation, eases the hunger pangs that sometimes cause wakefulne . If you llke milk warm, that's even more relaxing. "MINNESOTA IS A KEY DAIRY STATE. LATEST FIGURES SHOW THAT IN ONE YEAR'S TIME, WE SELL ALMOST $104)MILLION WORTH OF DAIRY PRODUCTS. OVER 80 PER CENT OF THIS IS SOLD OUTSIDE OUR STATE BORDERS. WE CAN HARDLY EXPF_X~ THE hctory-engineered Power Steer- ing will eave you ~me and effort : evetra ,tt=e yOU ewt ke wheeler You'll enjoy lreedom Item sleeting effort and driver latlgue on -a mt~d.., over rough ground or on ~fllsRfes. , . working with heavy hont.mounted equipment.., in extreme as well as average con- ditions. Make a date with us to try this eadus~ve feature t, the tractor oi your choice, See tor yoursMf bow John Deem Power Steering will save you time and effort on ever~ tractor job, REST OF THE NATION TO EAT OUR DAIRY FOODS UNLESS WE SET AN EXAMPLE." ! | | Welcome to Dairy Day at Winthrop June 8th