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November 29, 1945     Winthrop News
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November 29, 1945

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THE WINTHROP NEWS, WINTHROP, MINNF%SOTA THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1945 PAGE TWO ~ j .... ..,... ] the 10 years between the 1930 and of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. AAF, as well as any overs~s theaters shield wipers and defrosters should be I driver's control and under such con- W n I [ . /! 1940 censuses. The U. S. population Larson. Willard is stationed at the tin which he wishes to serve. Men checked and kept in good order. Frost/ditions the only safe rule is to "con- | i~ I | in 1930 was 122,~15,046. In 1940, it Separation Center, Shoemaker, Call- who sign for three years, who have I shields should be installed on the trol your speed so you can ahvays . , , " . . m m ~i I / was 131 669 275 fornia. He recently returned from 7] had overseas service, can choose con- [windshield, if the car or truck ]s not stop in the space you can see clearly | ~ ] _ [ months' overseas where he shipped on tinental USA for duty if there are [equipped with defrosting equipment, ahead." Vision may also b~ obscured ! --GAE-- the transport, U S S Elkhart, to the l enough volunteers for overseas ser-find on the rear window and front by trees, bushes, buildings, signs and I~ ~ [ ] [1~ ][ ........ h" a boost Pacific Area His ship stopped at the i vice side windows so that the driver maY;hillcrests Here again controlled i I ~ I l-age 2 oI the ~ews au t ! i | given to its morale when via the mails Hawaiian, Marshall, Caroline, Maria- These and manv more benefits awai ]see in all directions. Cracked or dis- ] cpeed is the only safe rule [;S! I I [" [ *~::: --; .... + ..... ~,~ the Milton nnas and Philippine Islands. He left you in the new, streamlined, modern colored glass should be repaired. No I ;~ ~ ] ] I" i .... t Paul ~e -vote from the ship at Guam and was sentby American Regular Army. stickers should be allowed on any [ - i~ | I L vergers oz ~ . -- " q .... r b i ~i~ ] ] "" D 1 er's note "I alwa.'s enjoy plane to the Hawalan Islands where For further mformatmn see )'our Iwlndows except those requl ed Y i [ Q ~ ~ / ~urs. e g : z ..... | i i ...... . ........ s-eciall- "With he rece,ved transportation to the nearest recruiting officer or wr, te to [law. ! [ -~ reaving ~ne paper, e p 2 , . . . . ....... , .... xT ws Gae" al states U S Army Recruiting Office 182~ Taft lights, stop hghts and clear-; ] @ Dear t~aers: the bolors ana A l~e ..... ' Tuesday morning when Minnesotans [though to tell the truth, Milton and,I, *** Fi~dTal Office Bmldmg,Mmneapohs, saunrCee :hga~tth:~O:lrde b; ~h:dkedv:~i::gI i ... ~ . ...:% s and azed both read it from cover to cover .... popped out of their bed g " ....... !^-~ ~'~ .... ~ ...... w~c~ visi-I [ IN anaL UU~ ". , . . . .. .. ~ I m. . - .- ~-~o-+ H~rrv zautz oi ror~ Leon- ~ ~iugt. i.c$ ~uu. ~,. ,~ ~ I - out their wmuows, ney ulscovereu lnanKs,IOlKS. o~.~ ..... : . . ------o------- I ..... r drixers and thereb-re I ha~- ~ i h~ rn~trie the out of doors ard Wood, Missouri vlslte(1 over ole to ome " y p - ~ ! t ........-' .'"~-~'- . ,I --GAE-- w~.---b~i.,in.-Da,, at the Herman r%.._ 1 ~"~:l.*--.~, ]mote your own and other peoples'i [ . had ._be, en irosteu over oy a several [ K;u"g;7 home ~lrs Pautz is the IJ~...a ~.~liill~, [safety i I ~' , " inches topping of white snow. And Hope you Gaers have purchased g " " Bowl,n- And Pool "" . ..... , _.. _, .. what an elegance it has before the our Bonds this Victory was a former Marjorie Kruggel. ~ -- [ veer visioiliw uue ~o rain, Iog, [ I l Y -- Wall ~ |.lt:t~d I snow, sunglare and glare from up-i / - smoke from the chimneys and the car [ mighty precious one to obtain and ohe , ............ . ....... - - t tracksget to discoloring and disfigur- i~hich we should support with every . ~ecuve ............ uecem~er ~, ~wo, pricesIlpracmng neamlghts are ~eyond the [ ~V~ "k~-.~., ing the "frosting." Washlines, pumps,[ effort and dollar on our parts. If you PFC Raymond L Johnson, husbanu charged *or~ bowling, billiards, and[ ~ ~.~q ~ i es, bushes take on ghostlike and, to .... [ haven't made your purchase, ................ by all of the former Evelyn Krueger, is nowIhe/pool have been suspended from pricel, __~--- , ii ~y the least, fascinating Fares anu means, do so today. And speaking oI statmnea a~ A~euo, xnum w,m t control The action taken bv OPA on 1 shrouds of white. "Winter Wonder-iBondPurchasing--Mr. andMrs. F.H. Quartermaster Corps. He is the son NovembcrO6 1345 al~osus~endsren_t ~ ,~ i land" is right. Quite a sight for some | Rettig have somewhat of a record of Frank Johnson of here. tal, maintenance and repair equip- /~".'~ ~ ~'~x t~"~ ~"~"~f~ i of these "returning gI's" who have [established when it comes to buying[ * * I ment used in conjunction with these {~-~~,~ t A" \~ ~ ]~ ~ i i not seen such sights for sometime I Bonds with nickels saved. In May, ] " rues In the o inion of the a enc t~ .~ ~ \ ,~ 1 [ \~ ~ ~.~ when stationed under those Pacific[ they purchased a $50 Bond with"all"T/4Rudol h Schweississpendingalga~ " ~,~ p g eYe ~,'~~)~ [ fA IriT/\ P stud Mr. Wa~-e Norton, Dmtnct Pnc ,- moons. Most of them tell us, theY / nickels they had saved and this tram two weeks' furlou h with his wife and / ~. ..... ti,~ q',,;~ (';+~o~ l~;~;~+~m~ 'k~(~t]~ Y'~ [ /[ ~ \ \ g ......... , ~w. ................... c~, i wouldnot exchangethose Atolls ,,for [ they had enough nickels to buy a $25 l children here at the Anton Erickson[the suspension .'ill permit concentra-~ ~ [ / / /~ \ this Minnesota, muster an~ au-- hE-[Victory Bond. That is $75 worth of[home. He has been hospitalized atIt_oni _no more .,m__rtant" ~o act]wtms." "" Bv!1~'~,'~ "~ [ ~ ~.~ ] !t ~ ~ \ all, at-all." i Bonds purchased within not too long | Schick General Hospital, Clinton, [ susn ndin~ ratA r than exemptin " k~f ] ~ / ~ J---~ i GAE t a time--with 5c pieces saved Their [Iowa with an injured finger He re-i theP: rec~ations~ OPA can at-ang ~flll I I -~ - - -- - 1 son, Alvin, gave his life in combat in I ceived his injury while working with I hme" reinstate" the controls if" the .~e~n- T/I ] " l " ' ~ - " If you are interested in figures-- World War II. Mr. Re,iF is a Wor d]a RadioRepair Company, Signal!era1 level of prices use disproportion- ~ i / /A 7A and with the comedians we agree, t War I veteran. Now, Gaers, De sure [Corps, at Honolulu, Hawaii. He had lately .~ ] ! I ~ /,~ who isn't--gaze on these: The United[you have done your part, and bought [been stationed there six months. I The action follows an earlier action ~ ] ~ ~"~l ~ * " " t our Victory Bond beforeDecemoer " States populatmn is now g~ven a Y [taken October 24, 1945, which ex- ,\~ [ ~ "~ ~ ' 140,000,000, according to the censusi8th- I *** ]empted from price control sate of Xi [ ~ I bureau at Washington, D. C I GAE-- ] 3Jr. and Mrs. Fred McEwen have bowling and billiard equipment and ~ | i i The bureau said the population of ~heard from their son, Royal, S 1/c,[accessories. ] I I the country increased about 8,330,725 And that is our_ column .......... for week of that he has arrived at Bremerton, W]nthron Bowl'n l___ ,l _ _ in five and one-half years following ~ this--and remember only 21 shopping, Washington. He had recently been It' u -o "ca to kno thetraff~ " c'- ~" ~ the 1940 census. This was compared[days to Christmas. l home on a 30-day leave. ] ..... So.P w League tanamgs ~ l~ with an increase of 8,894 229 during' News-Gut. . ......... ~ ......... [ .~ ~ ' * * * -- MONDAY EVENING . , [ MEN'S STRAIGHTAWAY i Pert as Peppermint... ] ~ ][ T/Sgt. Rolf Horde spent several[~V~o .| 1 kA n . Won Lost[ and a Fashion First! [ ~ i I II]~ ~ ~'~ 1 [[days this week at the home of his[Wnnmrop s ~v~aruet Winthron Livectock 16 5[ All wool, tie waisted, I ~l I |1|1 15"1"D'~ 1"i~1~t II~J"~'l~t~ I lfather, Dr. Rolf Hovde "Bud" is[ ..... "- ....... -- 6 holiday-gay JACKETS [ gL|t tog [[stationedattheDarnellGeneralHos-[ ............ 8t Sizes lO-i6 ..... $6.95 I ,d ~ ] I I ital Kentuck I ~orrec~ea ~very wcanesaay lexaco ..................x.~ ~i I " ~ [ , ~" [[P ' ' Y" [Wheat, No. 1 .................. 1.58 Ideal Hatchery .......... 10 11 i I * * II [Wheat, No. 2 ................. 1.5, Curtiss Candy ........... 9 12I ~-,t-'~ I I [I * * * . . |Winter Wheat ................ 1.58 Fillbrandt Electric ....... 9 121 ! ~1 Eugene Lindgren, S l/c, visited[Barley ................... 1.00-1.15 City Dray Line .......... 8 131 "~~ "DISCHARGE" NEWS Marvin C. Erickson, Electrician Siever the week end at the home of his Oats No 3 64 Larson's Hardware 4 17 ~.~/jilr~ ,, _ __ Mate 2/c, was separated from service uncle and aunt. Mr and Mrs Carl v. ^ '~r^ "o " ................... ~'~- u:-~ .... -..!. ~.'~" ur:.,,.~. [ k. .~.;(,~"| k'rx~ ~mrauna Larson, son. m =. : [ at Wold Charberhn Field November 9. [ Erickson. He is spending a 15-day [ Corn No 2 1 03 Livestock, 2252 ~ [ ~C~'~.~c Otto Larsen received his certificate oI ] His wife (nee Mary Scott) of Duluth |leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I I~lav' .................... o'q4 High individual for week, Wm. I ~ $ ~sabiHt discharge on November o .... -- ................................ Y " [ and daughters, Pamela and Dianne, | Ivan Lind~ren at St Pete,' Lindy l ............... .~ [ ~ ~,~1~ ~1~) PFC Larson served overseas 7 months [ and son Winfield are now residents of [ ' "~" '." . " _ . I heavy hens .................... ~ oc,,He~ ..... ~ , . I , , /wno has teen stationed at Jackson- I l.i~ht 14~.~ ~a Hi"h team for season Winthron I ~ ~ rl ~(I ~::ilihh:e~sfT::nhde:iinn.:ez~tn::::[Winthrop. Hewas overseas 13months [ville, Florida has been transferred to tOi~"Roosi';~s .................... 13 Livestock, 2559 ' "1 -d-,-A[ /~4 / hospltallzed for some ti~e in'England [~eththc;fiN721a amphibious forces in |the Naval Air Station, Daytona Beach, [Heavy Springs"" ............. 92-'24 High individual for season, B. A. [ )v~.~~--~C'~ ] Flomda Light Springs 19 Olson, 610 ~:~~'~ and was then transferred to the states. [ " [ " [ " " . .................. [ He had been a Convalescent patient ] Word has been received from Mrs. | * * * ~ TUESDAY EVE. I for the past several monthsat the I L. J. Larson that her son, Scott, was [ . . . I%V~, , I[~ L~DIES' LEAGUE ] ,411 Froth and Frills r W*th The 40th Infantry Division In Percy Jones Hospital, Fort Caste , [ discharged last Friday at Wold Cham- L .it ....... [W|~r Dmlg$ " Won Lostl spill on your front- " os ita" . . ~oumern r~orea.--ttoman w. Lenz, , t Mlchzgan, and had been h p hzed, iberhn Fxeld from the O. S. Navy. He i .......... [-- _ . Palma s Millinery ........ 21 9[ esplece. Whlte, lace, in all, 11 months. Edmund, who [landed at San Diego, California on Is.n o z mr. an.a mrs. #onhna Gibbon .............. :... 20 10[ organdy, delicious! , w|n~nrop, minnesota, n s recent y ~$|VIII |~1~ was in service 40 months, wears the [November 12. Scott s wife and chil-] ........ I ~ Indeuondents 17 13[ All a mere ..... $i. 90 ...... meen promoted to stall sergeant, me ~ ......... ETO mbbon w~th 2 battle stars, the [ dren make their home m Mmneapohs, l ................. [ ~- ~ ~ R. & W. Produce ........ 16 14 [ _~_, n D fense IS a memver OI me llDtn ffleulcal Da~- Purple Heart, Amemca e |where Mrs. L. J. Larson is now v,mt-/ .............. I I',',r I Brownton ............... 15 15 | ~., ~ao~ ~ood Conduct medal and the i ;~, [ raven, sA)[n lnian~ry l.)l~lS1On. [ v v~,v ,w ~,~ ~ , .... . / ,~g , ~/ ,iLk'. -~ Vi~'~ry Ribbon. Enroute to Winthrop [,-s [. A supply sergeant, .Lenz e nte=d [ ....... V~ol:te: V::~ty ...... "; 21/ ~ L. ~ ,.~...;,~n ...... ~ .,,;th his uncle Au" / Dr and Mrs J T Jacobsen and son,/me army m reoruary, ~a~, anu ca e I wontron your spee~ so you can stop] ....... " " " " . .. /']' ~ a~ v*~*~t;u ~ --,--~ ....... . ~" / .... i ......... I .. , . .,, I l(leal rtatcnery .......... ~ zx ! s--4# ---'%., '. ....... ~"--" 'LesLie visited over the week end with toverseas in dune el that year. ne has I m xne clear space aneaa ~s a rule i _ . ; ......... / jr I ~' ~naerson, anu uaugn~ers a~ we~ . ~ ........ High team lor weeK, ~lDDOn, 2;4~U. / ........ /Dr and Mrs R J Richardson in St ]served w~th the 40th D~vmmn in[that ~s contlnualh, stressed in rafl-I ........... |/_~.l,/~,~'~"k ~ms, w,sconmn. /Paul. Dr. Richardson recently re" [Hawaii, Guadalcanal, New Britain and [ road safety work,'and it is a good Va~l~?i8L'qaualIrweeK' m. ~a- -~.~'~'( \~l~ i PFC Edward Schreiner has arrived ]ceived his discharge from service with ]the Philippines, and has been awarded [ rule for motorists, and doubly import- t ~;..h ~oo~ for season Brownton -~7~J~T.~ ~ ~ i -s is ere the Combat Medical Badge for exem ant in winter, says A V Rohweder, .......... at Winthrop after receiving h~ d -|the U S Army medical corps wh | _[ . . .... ~'~x ~.._.~ " " ] . ] ~o~. -- ~- ,' % charge, November 14, at Camp Grant,[he was a captain Mrs Rmhardson ]s plary conduct, under ehemy fire At president of. the Minnesota. Safety . / of Mr and n Jacobsen ]present he ~s a m tuber of U S oc Council Slippery road surfaces and e 1 High mdlwdual for season, M La I Illinois. He is the son [the former Hele . " " " "" V~lle,- ~31 Mrs Frank Schreiner, Sr His wife, | cupation forces in Ko ca. }poor vmlb]hty greatly increase drlv- - ~e former Dorothy Malm;and daugh- *** *** [is g hazards in wintertime and speed ~'EDNESDAY EVE. ~ Hands High ..... jewels +~,. K~v ~lso reside here He served l .................. I I ou d be controlled accordingly MEN S HANDICAP LEAGUE aoftl Dazzle marches . T/4 L;HAI~LIE ~HLLI'~ . . , . overseas for 22 months m Italy wlthARRIVES HERE [ Virglnla Safford s column the past[ Slippery roads require longer brak- Won Lost round your arm xn the 85th division of the 5th Army, several days has been carrying theling distances. On packed snow it Pfister's Hybrids ......... 9 3 lotsa brite colors, and had been in service 3~ years. HeT/4 Charlie Schultz, son of Mr. and thrilling story of pilot, Captain Wil- takes at least three times as far to Kuntz Cafe .............. 9 3 " "Oh, My" " gifts and was awarded the ETO ribbon with 3 Mrs. Carl Schultz, arrived Monday for liam Richmond. battle stars, Infantryman's Combat a six weeks' convalescent furlough at medal, Good Conduct medal and the Victory Ribbon. Arles Meyer, Fireman 1/c, was separated from service Nov. 19 at Wold Chamberlin Field, Minneapolis. He had served in the U. S. Navy since May 22, 1944, and had been stationed overseas on Eniwetok Island in the Marshails. Mrs. Meyer (nee Juanita Cruse~ and family reside here at Winthrop. They were week end guests of Arles' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam Meyer, at Cologfie. Staff Sergeant Lester W. Ellig, son of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Ellig, was dis- ~charged November 15, from Camp Grant, Illinois. He had served over- seas for 23 months with the 85th di- vision, 5th Army, in Italy, and was in service 3~ years. He wears the American Campaign medal, ETO rib- b*n with 3 'battle stars, Purple Heart, Good Conduct medal, Infantryman's combat medal and Victory medal. He was hospitalized for two weeks from a hip injury he received May 15, 1944. T/5 Clifton F. Erickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Erickson, received his discharge November 15, at Fort Leon- ~d Wood, Missouri. He had been overseas 12 months in France and Germany, and was in ~ervice 3 years with the Army Infantry. He wears the ETO ribbon with 2 battle stars, Bronze Star medal, Good conduct medal, American Theatre ribbon and Victory medal. Joe Macejeski tame Friday night ~fter being discharged at Camp Mc- Coy and is at his home here. Joe had nearly three years with a hospital group and put in his time in Africa and ItaIy. He's happy as can be to get home again.--Stewart Tribune. his home here He~ had been hos- \ pitalized the past several months at Percy Jones Hospital,~, Battle Creek, Michigan, being tran~erred there from McCloskey General Hospital, Temple, Texas. Charlie, who was liberated March 7th after being held prisoner by the Germans lost both legs from exposure to the cold and ueglect by his captors. He was attached to the combat engineers of the 10th Ar- mored division Charlie's many friends will be pleased to know that he is con- valescing nicely at this time. He was fitted to artificial legs sometime ago and "gets around" very well. He will report back January 7th to Battle Creek.- He was accompanied to Win- throp, Monday, from Minneapolis, by Mr. and Mrs. Horst Boettcher of Gib- bon and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hagg of here. Mrs. Boettcher and Mrs. Hagg are sisters of his. Corporal and Mrs. Winfield Forsberg were visitors over Thanksgiving Day at the Glendan Forsberg home in Cor- nish. Cpl. Forsberg and Martha Det- ers' marriage was an event of Nov. 18th. They will return November 30 to Chanute Field, Illinois where the former is stationed. Pot. Lyle Saxton, U. S. Marine Corps, will report November 30th to San Diego, California after spending a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Saxton. He has recently completed his boot training at the base at San Diego. Willard Larson, Yeoman 3/c, ar- rived last Thursday evening and is spending an 18-day leave at the home And the interesting local angle is that Captain Richmond was born at Winthrop, some 36 years ago. His dad was an engineer on the M. and St. L. and later the family moved to Minneapolis. He has flown for Northwest Airlines before being called into the reserve and since then, his life has been one adventure after another. 20 Days Left For Veterans To Reenlist Veterans, have you ~got economic security ? As a former member of the Armed Forces, the Secretary of War, Robert P. Patterson, is interested in you and wants you to know that a career in the Regular Army will give you all of the economic security you want now and in the future. But you'll have to get on the ball, if you want to be sure to get in on the ground floor of America's streamlined Regular Army. If you are thinking of reenlisting, you'll have to get back on Uncle Sam's payroll 20 days after the date of your discharge if you want to regain the rank you held at the time of your discharge. Remember men, you have 20 days! And here are some othe.~ things to remember and think about in regards to the economic security this new Army offers: Extended reenlistment furloughs, enlistment bonuses, educational and loan benefits, family allowances, re- tirement on half pay after 20 years of service, and choice of 18 month, two or three year enlistment periods. Men who have served six months previous- ly as privates will be reenlis':ed as privates first class. Men who reenlist [ for three years have their choice of[ any component of the AGF,~ASF or t stop a car as on dry pavement, if speed is the same. On glare ice it takes eight or ten times as far. These stopping distances can be cut down materially by using chains, and by sanding or cindering. Some of the things that cause p~od visibility are under the driver's con- trol and some are not. He can control the condition of his ov, m ear, and is responsible for seeing that the equip- ment is in good order. Headlamps should be in good order. The Wind- shield should be kept clean. Wind- R. & W. Produce ..........7 5 Game Protective League .. 7 5 Standard Oil .............5 7 M. V. C. Companx ........ 4 8 City Officials ............. 4 8 Tri-Co Dairy Coop ....... 3 9 High team for 'week. Pfister's Hy- brids, 2495. High individual for week, M. Luk- kason, 530. High team for season, Pfister's Hy- brids, 2495. High individual for season, L. Schlender, 538. Fall and Winter REDUCED NOW Mrs. Herta Hedeen, manager Winthrop, Minn. only ...........$1.95" Now, now ...... don't point! Not'even if you are proud of gleaming gold and silver EARRINGS! Perfect gifts, too ....... 95 " One, Two, Three Ways wear a neck- nackl[Pattorned white satin, as festive as Christmas cake $1.89 P~ Ta~ 6