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November 29, 1945     Winthrop News
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November 29, 1945

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:i~!I)~!) ~ ; PAGE ~OtJR Solomon Was Right "Where there is no vision, the peo- THE WINTHROP NEWS, WINTHROP, Few States Pick Officials Under committee. The Republican State Central Committee recently endorsed party designation for both Legisla- THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1945 i i interest by a nation that wants lead- ] commend him for whatever the world er~hip." Frank Kent of the Balti-i has in store for him,'' Halsey added. more Sun, commending Stassen's ........ ~ ..... , le perish," said Solomori, nearly Non-Party Plan toys and local officials. The issue ap- speech on control of the atomic bomb, :Here's What The Vic- 3,0o0 years ago. This is just a~ true parently will be fought out again in said: "His was a genuinely statesman- tory Loan Means :oday. Obscured vision was a factor Forty-six of the forty-eight states the next session of the Legislature. like utterance." The St. Paul Dis- in 90 fatal traffic accidents and in in the Union elect members of the patch said: Stassen will bring "Fresh, To You 3,118 accidents involving injuries or Legislature on a party basis, Roy E. Increase Rice Output forceful and forward-looking influence i property damage, reported to the Dunn, majority leader in the Minne- The United States has increasedto his party" and make a contribution 1 A last big opportunity to bufldlMinnesota Highway Department in sota House of Representatives and its rice crop by 52 per cent over 10 of great value to the nation as a Bond Reserve from wartime income 1944. Most common causes were rain, Republican national committeeman, Ymei~l~.snabgshePrOductiOn is now 70 whole that can make your farming business snow, dirt or stickers on windshields; reported this week in summarizing u ls. Stassen resigned as governor April depression-proof. I headlights and sunglare; trees, weeds, results of a survey which he has con- -- 127, 1943, and went into active service 2. A chance to invest wartime say ............ ducted of " ' n t ~ousnes, crops, ommmgs ann sign- methods used to select state Stassen Plans the ex day. He went to sea as flag ings where they will .dg~t~::an:eeseFe: boards at curves and turns; parked and county officials ....... l secretary, or an administrative aide, ~arity in old age--e'th r " " cars or portions of the load obstruct- Only Minnesota and Nebraska elect ACtlVe Rol| As to Admiral Villiam F. Halsey, and in E or G Bonds. ling vision, members of the Legislature wi:hout Pmvate Citizen I time became assistant chief of staff. 3. Money put m E Bonds now will lne When vision .is obscured, the driver party designation, Dunn said." I He was promoted first to commander pay 4 dollars for 3 at a time wnen t I should reduce his speed so that he can The reports Dunn received from the Released from the Na~ ~ after thlrt) I and then to captain. He received a luch " ~ " " " chances are your dollar will buy n I always stop safely m the space he various states brought out also that months of active service, Harold E. citation for his part in the Battle of more than It does today an se I arl ahead Mmnesota stands ah 5tas~en, ?,hnne eta s former go~emlor Ic e c e y - " ~ nest alone in ~ : : " s " ~ " .~Empress Augusta Bay, another for 4. As we" have po!nted out, the i selecting county officers on a non- was back at his home in South St. Paul ithe Second Battle of the Philippine Victory Loan is your chance to help I .......... partisan basis Only three states~tlls week a plain citizen for the first i Sea, the Legion of Merit for the Phil- head off inflation now and so prevent I John Wayne Stars .... Minne.~ota California and North Da- time sincee he took over the governor- i l ippine campaign and the Formo.--a and il SecurltYRich ials ~ o Minnesota m Januar 1939 ~ ~ . d tron deflatmn and de resslon later on kota hax P ". IT ~n ~, n , ~ -- "e a non-partisan ballot for ::: P ~-- Y, .~South China sea ~weeps and the~ ~helpstobu'l $ g " " - " " " " i . . . ! oota@$.., weJJ-~e- 5 Remember 1919--a year ~hen I m Dacx to t~ataan cou.ty otficmls, as we do m Minnesota, Kehexed of his dutms as a naval 1 Bronze Star for his work m releas:ng '~ veloped frames. :most of us missed a great opportunity. ,, . ..... ,.,. - Dunn's report showed officer, Stassen donned civilian clothes Xmerican -risoner~ of war in Ja,-an ~ ~ I~wm cost...easT ]f you don't remember, :ask some [ merino ..... resistance ox the .e mpmo. __ Even members of the" iudiciarv are at once and prepared to enter upon an 11 He" was onVtwo~ ship~- that were Vhit. ii ~-~ t~ andtmix'Wellwidely usedknWaby eo le to tile da anese lrl~a(ler8 ~ older farmer.Farmers who boughltP p .... P " . ...... ~ichosen on a part)- ba~s in "most active program in the new role of ,!during, combat but escaned bleary I ~_~_~g{_~ _hog raisers. r Iorms the grlpplng theme oI Pack to . ~ ..... : o. . ~ " . .- " ! .... ~ ~rk ~- enough U. S:Bonds m 1919 and held ..... I" Radio's I test action states, it developed from the study, private c~t~zen. That role, he mdt- i Admwal Halsey, m tlle Twin C~ties. ~m~r~#i,~ ~ah $~~r~ ,them went through the zus and 30s] ........... I Only fifteen states reported that their cared. ~fll include speeches and writ-tjust before Stassen s discharge said" I ~ ~ tta~$~ ~o| 44 l~t .. , Bataan, R xO a ~ .. . . , . . ..... arama, ar ~ne ~loley xneatre, ~un.- ~ . ,, ' "1 in good financml condltton. Th~s isI ............. judges are chosen on a non nartis~n mg through which he hopes to band{ He is a damned fine nav~l -fficor" . . . ~vmn, t~ec. 2-3. aonn wayne is star-~ . -r ~- , . . . : " - ~ , ! 1919 come agam--onlv this t~me the] ................. I barns One other exception to the laP and m~prove the positron of the; and "it will be a sad day for the Pacific Graln Co. " reo. WlI~n tne IalI O~ truman lmmin- ~ " ~ . . ', " ' ,opportumty is bigger.Farm raceme , . . . [general rule was noted. In a few Repubhcan party on v~tal~ssuesof}Navy" when he is discharged. "I Winthrop, Minn. .... ent,Wayne ~s asmgned to orgamze . ~ . this year will be about 20 bllhon dol-I ....... sI states' the report showed, the state Ithe day. To newspaper men who, ~/ .... guerma groups among the native . ~ . . , lays compared w~th 14,zbflhon m/ ................. t superintendent of schools and county lqueshned h~m about these plans, heI _~_~ /lnrougnou~ me oap oecupauon ~ne~e I . . . - . [~-:a ~l 1T~I~I { ~ ~ . I n " ant a~ cob.ale ~-.~ I;af,~h~attt-" " i or~ s . suverinteno .............. --=.~,,ot=~ - ...... is ] groups maKe aar ng I ~y . " " e ' . This is a time to re~o~ce, but it ......... [as being elected on a non-partisan [I will s ek to streugthen the liberal | d .~ young ~,mpmo omcer, a pre~y . ~also a time for sober thought an ....... [basis With these two exceptions af- and progresmve elements of the party. !l ' ~.r~a .. ~ native nlm star, an American spreader t " ~ ~ .... ~-~ acuon feet n ~ I ~fll seek to make it representative " ia le hobo--of i g the judic'ary and school su- " " THE VICTORY LOAN WILL BEISChl,teacher' an. am _b, ... [perintendents, forty_four, states in all ! of the rank and file of labor and of I~ eHBBER PARTS " " N SUCh elements are wayne s assistants " . ] ==~ "THE LAST OF THE WAR LOA~ S.] ........ ~were shown as electing all state and{agrmulture and of the men who fought ,| ~~~' .MAKE THE MOST OF IT. ]~o:d:'tHt ::e~p: thge:perritn;l~b:~iy[cunty officials on a party basis, tthis war and of youth." [i ~[~~ ,~,~ M~A~ ]A~ [alive in the Islands, and plays a vital[ Thirty:three sta~s were found to have [. Stassen sa, d_he e xpec!ed ~ devote ~1 ~ qwV~ ~ ~-- te ar~ aesi natron for all [ 'Victory Bonds--To Have and To Hold. part on the long-awaited day when P P Y g " " " e " elechv t acquainted agmn ~lth m tubers of h~s IGeneral MacArthur's men land on the/ " es ate and cunty ffices includ-lfami1 Plans af::: that are not corn 11 v~UR MILKING/V CHINEIcm ie tnenextxewweeKstores~an, getung I ..... A'~ ~isement / ing the judiciary t Y. - ill II ~" oeacnesoItmyte. --., a "el " Mmnesota Cited For I / Officials of many of the other statestplete, but on hm schedule, ,t was ]1 c~ ~ , ~Tr [ -- [ expressed surnrise Dunn said to l clear, will be a systematic study of l| .......... t, _-...t. ............. bale y wor | learn that Minnesota elected members[prblems before the natron and the ,| ........ .......... ,_ t Governor Thye [ of the Le,-islature and so manv other [world. with occasional speeches giving I| ltalbber parts for your tmlker aurm, g mese _tough, : i~llnneso~a 1s one oz six states g~en 6 . I - " " ........... [ I I..~,~,, h~.l [ officials on a non "-artisan basis I his conclusions. He said that he ex- | mabber-resmcted war days.., don t you believe tt ,ere0~ Ior emclen work in re(racing ~l~ a--tara -p a . " ' { " ! ' 't .......... [,~, ,nr, t-~ r~- .. [ Pointin~ out the di~cultv of nuttin~ I pected to visit England, Russia, South f l fol: one minute. That party hash t seen or doem dame aecments, in an article on / 10 in rlunt o "- - - ......... ...... ,, ----- ,a America ann otner countries as we. u OUl' corn lete ~ oI K.rown Drana "Death Rides the Hi-hwa,,s by Pykei /through a legislative program under[ I| know abo t p ~:hns)?n~:::d:d:::, o~i;hec~i:i:otlf:: I leGOde::d:y Th~i:dmona I::::=~:tnsrto t :=he ::r:otn:st,~tT,dffi:ul:C:::amrYe tf t osa~Sut~a::ui),ifnntser:ndn th:: :o:,:=ntt: I ===PP:=::= ~:n~ee oTt~TL'c,~ng- November 17 Others named are Con- aid in the crucial battle against tuber-I understand how your Legislature can [ P P l| . . . " ........ ~- t . " " enact n in h " l That people will be anxious to hear ~ mausmes.., anaaau7 proaucuon aepenas on ~-~*i-,, lo .... Utah Massachusetts I culosm bv purchasmg Chr~stmasl a yth g ot er than pmce-mea I ~ .......... ~ --~_: .... J-- ................ " I ,,, . - ~ ,__:_, ....... , t the views of Harold Stassen citizen, t KeePing mmcmlz eqmpment m gooa worr, mg orum. and Rhode Island. ( ~eats. I [ ...... I .... ,, r xxas quite apparent ~equest.~ naxe The traffic accident situation is seri- ] V~ e are grateful for our victory in I A measure was before the last ~ ( . ,. ~ ,~" . :, . i| Crown Brand Rubber Replacement Parts mdude - - - : .......... we'Le-islaturedesi ned to ester t-e~C,,Lle ~o ni=n ~or auuresses m au par~s, ......... . -~ -- ous but not hopeless, the author oe- ne war, yet we .are mmct[u.t ma~ { g " g r e n of tile country New,~a-ers acclaim- il the highest quality Teat q~up ltmauons, ~ tuo- i " a -e just as m::h [ :t~:lina~e:n~[hde;~e~::ma, C[:biea:culb:ti;1,e ] fpm::x P~aa~12~ elof~:igalsLe:;sl:tthrS;en_ ed his return to civilian l~fe. Said the ing, Ai~ Hose and Vacuum Hose obtainable.., and'fW.~:~n~'h:irea),lywant a- i g .... Y~ t -ublic:n and DenaocraticF-rmer-[Chicag~un" .ow. :i, ganex]l t#e have beea lucky enough to secure the exdusive are willing to WorK Ior, ne says. lne says ~ne governors s~a men. v - a - I .... ~ - ' .... " " i - vetoed is summed u in four funda : "Needed weapons in the attack on i Labor parties supported it but Leg- In,"eratmg breath of .fresh a~ into I Idealership for this commumty. So mstead of taking Y P - [ ..... ~ne party councils.- the ~'nicago . " have a tou h time - mental points" this hidden menace, which killed ap- islative mere~ ~rs onnosed to the [ ............. [ | It for granted that you lmght g get " ~ " r i the "~ ~ ~*" uauy ~ews wrote: l-llSiuture oe- . t wi "L Streets and highways must be i proximately 55,000 pe sons n chan~,e succeeded in [~h~ckh~ ;~ ;n 1-.~ ..... . m ....... ..... I| ung rid, bet pares or have to be conten th second ~s safe as modern engineering can ] United States in 1944, will be pro- " ...... [ .... v ........................... s=- 1 | mmd ~ paxt$ ... $o~l#. in arid see us. _make them vided by funds raised through the ........... '" ...... ~"- ~ 2_ _'_ [~ I"- * ~ "2. Motor Vehicle regulations and I sale of Christmas Seals. . ~~ ~ i1 ~rules of the road must be reasonable "An appeal is made to all Mmne- Ill and uniform, administered impartial- sotans to avail themselves of the op- ~ |~| ]y by trained personnel, portunity of enlisting in the fight to f tt R 0 U N D III " " "'-" rri r "3 Drivers must be educated to conquer tuberculosis by purchasing ~V . I11 ~araner-loeal Litter La e thei;'responsibilities. I Christmas Seals and giving their ~~ [[| . . "4 The public must understand wholehearted support to the Christ- ~ l~~ 7AffAFA 11| dehver years of satisfactory servme ~and support any program, mas Seal Campaign." * .! ~F"~r~ ~ ~l ~ I Jl 'F~perienee has shown that in those .......... ~ v ~ ' Itl Y-- oan t name another piece of eomp- .rues and ststes where a oa,anc nm -- ..... . - - ~a~d~fo~d~t~aeTL:n=e:tc:~ Ag, School Wmter -- ....... " It! men on me Iarm ,s useo more Ire- ~i~var~abl; dec~agse iBefYore t~e Term Begins, Jan. 7 ./_______ s Ill quently than a litter carrier. And none ~a~ .~m i .n~.sing humor of cities J.O. Christianson, superintendent -- I |II has a tougher, dirtier job or must stand .:,md#mstay~thadbeRy,~f :oapp:ym:a:= of the School of Agriculture, Univer- I11 more down-right abuse. The daily carry- ..... ~ ...... ~ ......... ~' ~ " sity Farm, announces the opening of , Ill _ .. . . - .~ ~orcement and educatmn The results " the winter terra on Monday, January Ill ing of fresh manure loaclea w]m acre s_~. ular--the death ra,t,e 7. Dr. Christianson urges every farm J k I/I ~nd ammonia demands the utmost in ~ "~ttrahv~:ld Pv":'[10n0~00~:e'mcm rbw~hye:meg:~s:sJbr~a~nsf, :emcko : ][| material and structural strength. ~V.ictory Bonds--To Have and To Hold[ areg~o;ered in ali~f the dg~isions of ~~": ~::~): ~ ill , . ' . - " * "~'e "'-iversit- Dek-rtment of A"~ Ili That s why you find heavily galvamzed ...... culture. , - - ll her ~.~u,,~rJl~., ~,--,-, --..~v,.,~j On ccoun~ o~ the USln Sll;Ua~lon ":":::::::"~::::'::~'::'::::~:"*'~::'.''~.~:>~:~" ' "< g a no g ":.,.:~::::::.~::::::::.::~.:~:~:2;:::K!.~::::::.:::.::::.. .... :: Ctl.,h~.~ (2,.11~oti.n it is very urgent that reservations for III Gardner-Ideal tubs. You know the repu- rooms De mane oelore ~)ecem~er ~, ~i~!~:,;~: :::::$ ~ ..... ~% .,' ~ ~ ....... =, | 1 t]on for tough, rugged quahty Armco Iron January Dr Christianson says Anyone plan- ~::~i~:~:t~-~~ [~ ~% ],l for ~'he drive, announced tonigh. ,. the fields of home economics, home /~~ii ~iilk~Mt~ tla ne - a . . wi o si leads the states nursing, personal health, business, Ill es, toppmg New York s 178 mu rsh~ an l b ects ~ -~ ., = ! ....... " sic, leade "p dreatedsu j ~-n~-- []1 Day by day, year after year, these rug- "l'exas is tnira wi~n 1~, rennsy~vama For the boys there are courses in '~~ ~? ~ ~:.~ ff n~m _ . has 182, Ilhnom, 131, and Nebraska, ~~a~ i ; " " rural building, construetion, mechan- r.': ..... o II| ged carriers have pr6ved themselves on :~h~e~L~oo;n~:h:J:??:raYddidt~:: :: ~:rtic:~l~:y'gr~li':es~ks, Pa~d:bt:~ [11 thousands of farms, everywhere. Own- : ~ " "" d the fields of general farming as w ~ ..... _ _ ll| era with equipment 10 years old, report ~2ti~:t:d:w~i:~yglvfa:t:h~ l::ddy '~e :Sa::c:?e=h~PtibU:mdS:~hTU:'C' dra- ~1 I|T ; right for now, ]/I their carriers still in fine condition, good ~olleetion is conducted on behalfof The School of A iculture has .... . .... : gr II ]t n ht for vear I11 for many more years of service. Ifthlsls .u~tr~A. earned a reputation as a great train ...... c~ - ---- d .... Ill ,-- . ~- . ~ . - , .. ing ,hool. - III tr e vame you are IOOKmg ior ann wan in : .... n - ., to come 1]1 YOUR CARRIER, you'll find it 100 per ) Iuf:he car aneao s ops su laenty, ca Drivers must be more than carerm Whichever of our famous suits you ill " :yo , when [[I cent in the Gardner-Ideal model of your L ~ .... ] ' ~~ prefer, you are sure to get the best ml 0 e'~ Ill choice ~ o , o .The Winthrop News ! lu m u a I ,. fabmes, styling, and tadormg. ~xo. ;)u I/I Established in 1887 R i m= I I We have the new light fall and wilt- to i/I LRter Cataner W thout Hoist -~ - ....... ! FOR A ~1AIIT~D TIME I ~._ __ Ill \ ...... ' " t~terod as m~eond-class matter at the | Ig dMBHII IMPS ~[HI~ PILVS I ter colors and the conser.ative dark Ill .... " ..... '-r - Mi- e~ota ~/vvw =~.=-- ......... -"t.~Us~L~ "= ~ 14 ~ m 11081; vmce at wln~n op, nn , ~ ~ [ , Do~maberlT, 1887 under the aet I shades.swell. And, of eour., our I/i * . of March 3,1879. I WlIWILL.,PAYUPTO suits ran#e in price to suit evei-y ...... Ill -... .... -_ u_.-_, - ........ I A 'Ati I. . Ulll r line S411t Ill Lll er Larrler VYIUFI q ..n m nuta t i '~~~rt::' ]~4~~ou~~~t =::! wRh no decrea, m pnced upto$65 [[[ the Urated st t s, yea, ..... ,2.oo I ,.Nn ** I /11 *. ,, ro r0, i Co=t e year .... ,2. 0 I CHARLES LONBON/i Ill I ']PHURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29' 1945 : [ [I II [ ]