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December 16, 1943     Winthrop News
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December 16, 1943

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PAGE TWO YHE WINTHROP NEWS, WINTHROP, MINNESOTA THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16, ~ 1 ~. , rxe I The following excerpts from a letter I ll i l~lSt ~1" , "e I recently received from Donald nPatt ~''to 1 elected M n 1 Kane with the U. S. Navy was se t ] ~ , ~l ............ ts//us by his father R. L. Kane of / li~ lne IOl|OWlng lS a llS~ oI reglstran Chaska. "Pat" is" statzoned" at / ~l acce ted for duty with the Army in/ a naval t ,--~-~ . . ll~ our P:ll of December 2, 1943: /b~;,:h:~vih: ~a~ee:harge of the l~@ . jl~e~4~ ~. ,'. ~...~..:.. ' I ~- IHerman J Halversn' Gzbbn | Dear Dad "~ 1-1r'r'l ~rm ~l, II [ ~'- " ........ .". ,~T~ : , . ,...... : I Donald D. Gustafson, Winthrop / Effective December first, I can don ~ll Ll .q.r . 1 ~. ~ "~'~, .. " .r~...,~ /.... DomingoT. Lopez, Dallas, Texas | the rate of an SK 2c. (StoreKeeper, ~ B~n~|~|~ ~ . .'.:~ ~/~'~"~'~ 1/] . .**.:~ . . ..-.. ~- :-. Oren I. Hollenbeck, Gaylord |Second Class).; the addi.tiona! str!pe ~. U1 It] T tI . : ~ '\~ ~ : " ~ ~*'.*". : .. .~ Robert W. Walther Gibbon J on my sleeve is immaterial, DU~ the ~ 1 U 1 I 1 1 ~ ., ~ //]~ year riders- " ~h- flu and who] The following we're accepted for the /~ increase ir pay of $18.00 plus 20% ~ ~ U ~ ] li 1 [ " ~ \ - ]'~/]~ " eazin el ~ e , And sp g ""na~l ~,~v ...... I for .S & FSD pay does requsre" con- I I I I II n I t ~,'~// , me recauuons a y. . " /q_ v J zsnt here areso .... P^dxice to -oulJohn H Rick, Winthrop szderatzon. E I I I i | / L! us. hue Pun ncvu ae some just prom guru ~ .'.. ,, , I~l--n'" J Hed Winthron ~ R .... ved two cartons of ci,mrettes ~ .ill ~ .1. ltJ IL'lillb Ullk~ W311llt_l,~flthVit~ltt~ ~llJJ:l * ' who are still '"non-ha victims .... ~ a~t, ,J . , , r t '=~'~ ~ ~ /#~ / To avoid influenza, keep up your lArnold C. Goetsch, Ga~lord from you recently and a carton from .~ health resistance. Dr. E. A. Meyer- Melvin H. Koester, Glencoe grandmother. Shall endeavor to re- _~ .......... +h~ Min-!Robert C Miller, Henderson t duce them to several trays of butts. ~ ..... A a i I the flu~ sta, home. go to bed, I ~ ~'~ I - doctor and follow his advice." I! - I[ i t t reach flu virus in the lungs." THE Dr. Meyerding said, "If youget shall endeavor to sneak up on a bottle, " of Comfort! the flu, stay home, go to bed, call the COLORS taste it, and faint with sheer delight. ~. Shirts doctor and follow his advice." After tasting some of the horrible ---GAE'- - " concoctions they dispense here as soft $1.49 $1.95 SOFT RAYON "Margie" Pierson, down at the We heard from. Mrs. Harriet Butler drinks, a plain ordinary everyday ~ Distinctive stripe or dot pat- SUEDE ROBE OPA office at Gaylord, sent up~ the of Minneapolis the other day and she Coke would deserve halo. terns on slub broadcloth. following letter which had come to informs us that her son, Frank, is Some one sent me a reduced copy of her desk and we are passing it on to now wearing the Sergeant's chevrons the October 4th issue of the Minne- (~A QI~ you .... there just isn't anything to and that he is stationed in England. spells Star Journal, which proved to I ~ ~ ~~i say that this letter can't say .... so if I mentioned it before or not, butI ~::z ........ ~f" .... :~:'::: ........................... without saying anymore here it is... Pvt. Lloyd Lofgren who is enrolled be very interesting. (I do not know " ~.~< "~'~i~i~ ~:~:~;:::~;;:~;:i;i~:~:~it fabric A wonderful-to-touch From somewhere in the South in the Army Specialized Training the local paper here is laid out afterI ~. ~", ~ ~ :~':~:~~:~::~::*~":~* soft and warm! Wrap-around Pacific, an Iroquois County, Illinois, Program at the University of Wis- the fashion of the newspapers in BenI ~ " "~" '~ ~:~:::~~::~:~:~ familYDear Family:received the following letter: theConsinNewsat Madisonoffice theWaSothera day.VisitrLloydat Franklin's era. The want ads plaster- i" "~ ~ :::::::i~:;:~:~:~!~::~:!:~:ii:i!i~!~!~:~i::; ~.:#~ ~ ~: .~ ..... ~::::~ style is tops for relaxing Full It is nice to hear from you after tells us the program is quite a stren-ed all over the first two pages, the, ~ ~:~:~: . ~,~:~i~':~'~;~ ~;, !:~ ~.~:i:I~:: such a long period of waiting, but it uous one and that the ASTP enrollees classified ads being on the front sheet, i ~ii;~:~::...~:~:*::~ ~;~/ ........ : ...... ~iii~!{:~=~" '.:::~::::::::i~ ....... cut with deep pocket, shawl col- with the little news buried in the ~ ~.~., lar and sash tie Maroon with is unpleasant to learn of the many are privileged to have the regular middle of the paper). I have yet to ~ .... ~ hardships brought about by your teaching staff that civilian students ~ ,:~::~ii~:~::!i:::.i~::~:!~:~::~:~:~:i~- ~~~ ..... receive the Winthrop News but as it ~'~)~;~:~ :.::::~: "~::~ "~ ;: changed conditions of living--all of there have. The classes average ~ ~::~ ~i:i::!:::: two-tone piping. ~i~~!~:i;~:~:::i::~::::i.:::~i ~i !i ::~:: ~::.: i:: ~ " :~::::~ which I can readily understand be- around twenty-four in number so the would come 4th class mail it has no:::::::::::::*::::::::: ~, ....... priorities. Hope you can send me a cause there has been considerable training is pretty thorough. How- few of your old Posts and Colliers. -" .................. ~ .............. ~ ............. .... change in my living conditions, too. ever, we'd say it agreed with him. At present I have plenty of reading Rayon It is too bad that you are limited in Lloyd took his basic at Camp Wallace .... ~ Crepe Muffler materml but ~t ~s all by native ca- the use of the family car, and have to Texas: He _returned to Madison .on hers and am in no haste to read it. ~" Solid Colors~ 98C mess around with gas coupons and Saturday after spencung a week s The -ualitv of most of the stuff ,~rint- u .... Man's Robe in walk so much. I know what it is to furlougn wztn.nls parents, Mr. an ed down here is about~ two degrees ~ Delight Dad with dressy fringed have to walk instead of riding in the Mrs. L. V. Lotgren. lower than a Stateside nulo Western ~ scarf in his favorite color car for my walking has been .through PFC Donald Olson left last week or Love Story. - ~ Smart soiliSuT:e~s~lae:d?f swamp and jungle, w~:::h%aYs re; S:nnDie?i,t:t~Osnia1 One thing that I forgot to menti7 .... ' " " - o to have --our' "" " " " g " "g- "n my pre ious letters is that I o:- ,, Twill Weave It IS too vail, to , y ._.:,~_ ~..~ ~^ ...,.,Inal Corps with the U. S. Marines. casionally have the opportunityto ~.~. -~.~ .......... choice of food SO "'~te:~s'sTmuch"oft Donald has spent a several days' fur- drive a car down here Frequently, I .....-...~. -- ---4t~2z=ith~tg::: experienced this lough with his mother, Mrs. Agnes am sent on errands about the town ~ Impeccably ~A " . "lO~lsnso with the Commander s car or what- ~ Tailored! ~Z~-= also, except that there is no cnoice " .... ~ I .............. ever vehicle is handy I get quite a here So again, 1 unaerstanu, z~tJ harem ~pmrmg of tne u. ~ ...... " .... " .... ............. I .......... KICK OUt OZ omwng down tne rosa m ~ The kind of robe he's always It is a shame nat wmle has zoliviarmes is spenumg a tureen-oar ............ .~. . . . , .. . ,. . ........ . one oz [nose little Jeeps. 2ne earn "~ worg so many nears a uay at me up- zurmugn at nome oz ms parents, lur ................ Ii wanted! Smart twill weave gab- ~:!:~:i:: d~ ........... mmgs nanme just liKe a Kmay car, r lense plant It must be awfully hat and lvirs, w. ~. ~pmrmg. ttarom nas .......... .'t" _~ ....... wm ~urn or stop on a mine. the spor~ ,, ardine, with neat binding, deep on him But then Ihave to work, been located at the ,rest l~aKes ~ . : ........ comes from driving on the wrong side .~. night and day at this defense plan~.[Naval Hospital in llhnols an~ a zeW~of the r .... ~ .... " " shawl collar, sash tie. ~ . Ode wltn ~teerlng Thee! on So again, I understand, weeks ago was d~scharged from there ....... : ~ , , . , . , . i tne wrong sine m tne car (m(lgmg .~" It is too bad that you all have so iHe has almost completely recovereo I holes i t" d Palest'r" ' 't " wh" ~n ne rod , p " lans anfl little time for amusements and haven I from malaria lch he had been a]. . , ~. . . 1 ........... looneys on Mcyc~es witha number of ,~ any place to go But then i am uP-, pauenz oz ~or sometnne, in ~ac: neI. . . ". . ;,., Men's. , ,, ,, . , norse nrawn car~s to crea~e a ~l~tte R~.~ prived of amusements, too. So, I tsars, he feels, great and. we. may l,.olverslon....................... 13Ui~4ALL# I:'z-klli, lL, lk~t'O"~'~" ' ~ [ ~ 1~ understand' l add, looks ,t, too. Fot ow,ng h,s leave Two-Tone Sweater It is too bad that you have to wait he will report for active duty at the l'~t:'t .~.~" Blazer o...ozrnpea out in the rain for ~'our transports- Marine Base, Quantico, Virginia [ !~. Two Pockets! ~ , ........ "" " ut in , Mr and Mrs Mauritz Johnson of, ~]~" ar~t~h.2? /~~!S .~,~ uon. trot tnen I nave .~o ge~ o . i ..... I,. ,o~, + .... m-times for a whole ~ Lyle Dilly, Radioman 1/c, with the Bernadette have been informed thatI ~ $3.95 Broadcloth Pajamas .... -.:, --~----- Z. - n shelter ] U. S. Navy is spending a ten_day Itheir son, Gorden, has been promoted I .~..~, ~~ week ar a ume wz~nou~ a y , . _. [ " ' , ~,~Sm e ingbone pattern front. ............ s~ mare at the home of his parents, Mr., to the rank of Chief Petty Officer, his ~ ~,'~ Real Sleeping ~ ~ ~) ~na oz course my transpor~auon l. ~ ............ . I " " I ~31" Plain back, sleeves. .................. oo i~ ano ~virs. J~ranK amy. ~yie IS in- fifth advancement since entering the t~ ~1~ a nine m~ uncer~mn too.~ ' J I Comfort~ ~o~70 .... ~structor of Radio at the Naval Base service 19 months ago He is withieS. unaersmnu ~ . " ~ .~., ............. ai~ sol at Memphls, Tennessee. He saw lthe Coast Guard at New Orleans, La ~ It is a sname ~na~ you are p o , - - ~ "I:~ " "' Ion hou " the hard action in the South Pacific and re-l Officer Johnson and wife visited in~.~.~: / ~/~ ~ : little xor tne g rs and .: :: Here's a gift that's a hit! Sur- " ........... 1"" r- /turned to the States this summer He/this locality a few weeks ago--La- work yOU put in. ~U~ men o,, y e-~had b e ...... ca.l?" to ,with his Miss " ~:~., "::: :~"~::~"~ i eeive a fraction of the pay you folks ] . e nnospz.tauzeu ,,wztn. malarm [fayette Ledger !~, ..... ::::~i~i:~ plice neck button front, draw- .......... ~prmr ro ms return onsick reave a~ ~ ~ii!ili~iiii!ii mZCK home get. ~o, I unaersmnul / ..... / I~" string pants, and full roomy cut v "ve mat ume Cpl Harold He kins of E lin Field " It zs too bad that you ha e to h J " P g '1~ ula Florida, arrzved m Gaylord on Frzda under all the little rules and reg "| Geor Ba " r s f ""r -Mr .... Y I~.~' spell solid comfort. ge roe , on o ~u . an s .... tlons that are so annoying But then | of last week to wmt until yesterdavt ~ we have rules and regulations out IBenorBa;:;~chaS ~u~eIvedt,hzs sisters, Margaret and p ~ e u y w n ~ne t~ o. . . here too So "*ou see I understand ] " Mrs. Roy Olson, and w~th h~s brother, I~ _ ' "/armed forces He will leave Dec m- Clarence in Cornish townshi S-- t~t' Winning this war is hard on all of tber 20 for F "rt "nellin " r h s ' p. gt. I.~'J o ~ g. tieo gea He ki " " -~ p ns is attached to the medzcal us. You work hard, put in long hours, been " ki ........ I~, . , ~ ta ng ~ne ~rmy ~pecmnzeu co s and has b n .......... ~" ~" ~P_.,~-~1ulk\~P~.~ nave to limit your ordinary activities lTrainin Pr ..... t rp ee at r~gnn raem zorl~,, ~ ...... " ~ ~.~ g ogram at iowa ~tate a sum " "~ and forego much of the customary A ...... e tlme.--Gaylord Hub. ~ ' ~,:~, / ~,, ~- , " " do I, I" . I rues, iowa zor tne past several I L'[~ Fitted Traveling Kit Christmas Ties He ,: ~. p~ea~ure~ _e, nu. so so uncter-]months, qualifying under the Army |~, s and ~ut oaring all oI mese long o Mr r t r are are in IV-1. program . aRd M s. Ar hu Flyg " ' Compact, Handy! $3.98 ' ~: hours, hard work and changed con -I : receipt of a letter from their daugh-I Wishes He'll Get ditions, I get shot at! DO YOUI The News received a note from ter, Lt Viorene Flygare, an army UNDERSTAND? ? ? ? ? I Lloyd E. Erickson, Storekeeper 2/c nurse, serving ~-ith the armed forces For civilian or soldier! Contains Your loving brother, l with the Coast Guard this week. across She relates a trip she took eight fittings. 49 & 98~ Each BILL Lloyd is located m the Naval Supply ---GAE-- I 'i " " i while on four days leave Amon~ the !Depot. at Oakland, Cahforma." " He and I places visited was ,,mentuned. Carth2,, The newest Hanway Ties care- h~s wife, the former Amta Vmregge]age or its ruins Our grades, she . . , ,, " fully sewn byhand to retain of Gaylord are making thezr home at l says, were two little Arab kids, 11 922 Rose Avenue, Piedmont, Calif. and 13 years old. They were about as their shape andmake a good ~ii:~i:i~::~ .... .::::::~i ! Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Nelson haveI well developed as 8 year olds back home heard from their son, PFC Raymond " looking knot Wool lined. Nelson that tie is now in Italy. Ray- "French meals," she says "just ]mon.d has seen.actmn in the Northdon't taste right. First course was Afrzca and Szcfllan campmgns es and reen e ers " salad, tomato ,, g p pp . PFC Harlan Ander~on, son of Mr Next fried eggs and kidneys. The Men's Toilet Sets Men's Sex |and Mrs Ernest Ander~on, returned ,~mter was very disgusted when we Tuesday" after spendin; a ten-day didn't order wine. He refilled our 3 and 4-Piece Sets with Anklet Leugth furlough at his home here He haswater jug and set it down on the table Brushes and Comb Fancy Rayon ]been on maneuvres in California " almost scornfully. It cost us each 60 98C & $1[ =~9 Asst. Colors fraves, or $1.20." Hanks Pair 29C How do you like the "whole" ever- greens in the flag stands on main street ? Makes you think of the good old days, doesn't it? --GAE-- Well, here it is "Only 8 _shopping days" to Christmas just to remind you, folks .... --GAE-- And anti] week of next here is a little squib we picked up "Life either wears a man down or builds him up." .... we sometimes wonder .... News-Gap ! I Mrs. Thee. Wickstroni received word recently from her son, Leo Wick- strum, that he had received his Ser- geant's rating and he added "It was a pretty nice Christmas present from the U. S, Government." Leo is a U. S. Marine and is stationed at San Diego, California. PFC Willmar Senske who is sta- tioned with the Coast Artillery at Jewell's Island, Maine, returned last Wednesday after spending .~ ten-day furlough at the home of his parents; Mr. and Mrs. William Senske. On their return trip she was lucky enough to catch a ride with a Lt. Col. in a chartered plane. The seven had a chance to pilot the plane part of the way and she says "it was fascinating." "The orange season," she says, "is about to start soon, but they are small. Pomegranetes are in season and parsomine are almost." It's a long and very interesting letter and we are sorry space does not permit to print in full.--Lafayette Ledger. Gift Boxed! 59C Four soft finish army tan hand- kerchiefs in gift box. Men's Dress Gloves Heavy Wool with Leather Boy's Sport Shirts Palm and Fingers Stripes.2-Button Front 98c 89c |