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December 16, 1943     Winthrop News
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December 16, 1943

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rl PAG]z E Gtrr I I I[ I , " m l 4th Grade . All r~ [Here you have a chance for a liveli- lege is this as a citizen to direct your~:! [ .... ~ [! Wehave sold $17 worth of Christ- r~{]are$$ Dy [hood, a chance to live, for America is opinions to your representatives o~| 1 -Hn(31 HI-LITE ~b flint}s ~esa~oSry we are almost through kA .... t..,ll[- D,.,,A.. la door of opportunity, government, for our laws are t~'I | ~ ~ IL ~ ~ ~ ~ "" ]lwith Gopher Tales. When we finish IVlVulltvIIi~ Set,tOS I Secondly, let's think of this, voice of the people, not of a dictatort-| [ l[we will review, thes book. and make , 1 that America is a land of plenty, not of a despot. [ ...... [Doo~mzs on ~vlmne.o~a rnstory as a (Continued from Page 1) I Have you ever looked at some of Here in America you have free- | That afternoon the nelgnoor laaylsummary el ~ne work ...... lent nd third ' " STAFF . . . ! T ........z. ......... ._~.~.__ ,:~ lea Is a mno ot p y; a - I the recent maps in the geogra- dom of the press And here in | ~[m~or-m.-~m=.~ :2 **~'~'~ ~i',~'.'_^~.~ She said Mrs Braun had started [ in the far north ly, America m the home or nn~erty, phies that describe the fertile America, lastly you have freedom 2tssistant lSUl~Or, t~aymotm ~,vr=~,,~ . . . . . . Business Mann er, Raymond Albrecht. .drinking. . _ [ This yeek p,e !earned some 1.nter- America is a door of opportumty. I lands, man) of them are charac- of religion. What does that mean, Feature Write~ Janet Anderson,And ~he family was getting poor., _les~ng ~aczs aoou~ sp~.oers m scmnce. I recall some years ago when I was a/ terized by heavy green. Look at freedom of religion? As stated! ........ " " B cause Mrs ~raun was irom ner we are ousy making t~nrlszmas ~ --~ .Ruby S pmrmg e~_,., o~.rinidn,~ l~ifts for our narents in Art Class student at college an address of our! the various maps of the world before, that you can serve God:v,,. Reporters .......~naries ~e~e_rson ~,. ~,~ ~,~ .... ~'^u ---'er town [~" 3rd Grade former president, Warren Harding. 1 and you will find America a most according to the dictates of your -u~, l~eynma iV/~iIIl~l" lnlS sao tale wv,~ a,, u.. I - ~ ' " o a" t this ; S,,orts Writer . Matt Webster And ruined the reputatmn ofthe Dr!ring the past week ~e have He (.ep~cted an Italian c n mg o ] fertde land, m fact there are own eonscmnce. That means that, ~ ....~o, ..... Ravfield Hass 1]rauns I s pen~m.ucn oi our tm~e ior country impoverished, having noth- ]very few barren nlaces in corn- America has this lawthat you vv,~.--,, ............. :" ~ , , named toe L,nr]stmas opperet~awmcn ]s . . "- : . . Typists ........... Lom. Itt=l, So they had to move to a tobn I beth- ~'iven Dec. 15. rag. and after he had been here twentyI par,son w~th other natmns and : can worship God according to the ~ ~ Marion A?leson ...~Iound .......... * -~ ~-h in al M~n~ay and Tuesday we had Miss l years he amassed a fortune He heard! lands. America is a land of ! dictates of your own conscience, t v~l News Adviser .......l~lrs, t'eterson ~rc~o~~ ....~ !June Lilly as our teacher as Miss 'ihis father and mother were still a-I plenty. In India and China mil- IIThe State shall not dictate to the i I~t ~- A r_,~;,, ;~'~, awful thin~ , Guls.v~g was ill. I/oreene, Donald, !live. He wanted to go back to Italyt lions are starving and we have[ Church what its form of worship ~ ~ ~r~ ~u ,~t~x r ~u~,~ -1, ~'~":t ....... . o 1.3 CKleS. and ~emar nave Dean aosenl; ! . . re- ' .... ~ --" GARBAGE CAN? It ~s looked upon w~th scorn " a feb, days due to illness alsoi to see hm aged loxed ones and he t food to eat. A sense of security, [ shall be and neither ~s ~t the bus~- i s rows brin " "~. . " . What are you reading? Do y.ouIt .many times or ,,.;,a. ,~.[g. ~..~,~! Our Chr'.stmas tree ts all decorated ltinned to them. And after he hadI an overwhelming feehng of con-[ hess of the Church to Interfere in ~ ~t~l spend your ..... leisure moments reading l~ mazes pe-v ..... ~" ~"=~ ......... and we're very proud of it. With t been there a while he came baCK ~O] tentment should stir vour hearts I politics. We believe that the ~ I~ comic books, cheap magazines . and been born. I wreaths m the windows and Santa I America and he traveled this time ted ..... a ...... : ....... ] ..... - ..... :~ ,~ ......... o~a " ~ novels, which can be found, anywhere, ~k ~oldier's Son I Claus on the wall we feel that Christ- lfirst.clas~ First-cla~s, you know the,~l~a,~,,u~ay, ~ me m .~menca, i and~w;"u;'e'~u?v p~;r ot t~u r o ou read something wor~n - ~ . , ~ .~n mas ~s really here. ] :~ . ,. -- ~ - - ,. . [ l. n{l oi pmn[y. ] g pe p e to de o d y By (,lorm M,~, r , ~nat tna~ means on an ocean nner, to obed nt t h " while? ........ A -rica to"l- V~ e want to wish you all a very l. ,, ,, ", " . t And lastly, let me dwell forat :e o t e powers, for the A lotof us like this garbage can ~ want to go oac~~o . me " ' -1 Merry Christmas / nave aH Lne uxunes and convemen- moment on this that Amer ..I powers that be are servantsof ni n~ ~ " .... tea is ~ne . . . l ~)rinted page cando wonders for We sing this song by campfire light TREE WE'ARE GOI.NG TO D~CO- ' .... ".]speech doesnt mean that you are Y Y y e p rience sh atQe humanity Think would happen While the bombers roar overhead. RATE. lyears ay,-, z was m tne steerage and lpermitted to denounce our govern- America to you as a door of oppor"I News "f all good printed" things" were amy We don t know what s coming ~o- l The..abve.. paragraph. . was cam-. _ ,I now ~ prmse and g]onxy..~memca,. , . ~ne. i ~nen~ ........ an(1 our country. ~r a person il tunitv., ....he .... ~ ]nnd~ --~ v"~'".~"~z, ..o~ *.-*ha ~ -~.t"" ~ read. morrow posed or. the .... secon~ grade as par~ at land of my. opportuniw, the lanfl at ' ~eels" " IlK" -- ~ .- . I ..hon'o ......... of 'iho~, y. ~ -*~c ~ *" .... "1 -- -head ~--ndwri*i-- -l-ss ,, _ , , , e denouncing ~ne governmen~ ..... n W H S - ~u~ we ~nob" we ~ gu a I"~.. ~ ag fla.. , . . my fortune. How many hundreds i of the countr in which he lives and For t _ _[ n~.~ Generals are sittin*, to~,ether I uur room has made presents~or ". ....... Y I ~ O RED CROSS DRIVE ~"~ " ~ ~' ~ , , and tnousanns nave a mmvar exper .... ~ th THE JUNI R ~ I n;s~,,~b~,, out future nlans , their mothe.s. I m sorry we can t t ..... prospers, ~t ~s better for h~m to move ; e % in Winthro High] .......... b .~ '- " " ttelt vou it is a sur rise lance.They have come to America I ~s The students P But mv buddies all are wmhmg .... P - b k .. .., ) . erv~( School did very well in donating to1 We were back in our favorite land.I This wee~ we have begun the studyand they have found the door of op- Y ~ t~.~.' Y ust keep on fight" ~ , ac to the countr m ~h~ch he thinks ur be s m the Junior Red Cross. The amount We're the soldiers---the sailors and of Christmas in different lands. We portunity. Might we not say that he can find freedom Now, here you [ ~ a g--~we must keep on buy- |a~d"I required for a membersmp carc~ ~or th~ marines have :round that they do not celebrate i this ~o - f o ortun't is ........ ] ~ i-~ ,,~ ~ur~ unti~ vi~- ~ the Junior Red Cross is live cents [ ,.. ~ .... ~_ l like we do. In Sweden they put a u or o pp ~ y ~ne re- nave ~reeuom or speecn, and yea can i ,',~ dry is won. Keep on BACK- Chur~ they say we re nnes~ elmen me ~ s Most of the students gave more thanI wml~ has ever seen -- bundle of wheat in front of the house, markable educational .ystem of our voice your opinions and your privi-~ :.NG THE ATTStCK. ~ th0u~ the amount required. ( We fi,-~t"on the land in the air--onl for the birds; Norway they leave a i country. Is it not a shame that more , i. ~as ~ Giving to the Red Cross means g~v-/ ~ light in the window to guide the do not avail themselves of this Mort .... ' ...... _ _ _='w~ I. [ the sea .... ~ ~, " ~-. ~ 'ass" in~' something for a worthy cause. , ~ All to "reserve ,'our liberW ~Chnst Child. In Russm Lady Ba- 1 ou~ o-)~ortunit-" W- h-v .... ~ ..... ........ " ~ ~1 'We young people are help,ng ~o ao [ W ch:; the J2 and we chase the~ bousa comes with a basketful of toys I ~ " t P ~. e a e our ~ree , ~ ~erVic our bit when we give to the. Junior l e ".e p on Christmas morning, t~chools, we have our colleges, our t *l-- Red Cross.We may not realize how . Hun ~__ universities in which every one who [~ ~e%r~etec . . " " . . . ~i ............................ ~ ,, R Iflo --W H S- I r~o [rlenas nan ne, only / L ~~ :i~.~ / {~ ~. 2. ~k~J~t ; T" ' " An owl that was old. ~.~ $ ~ ne LETTER TO SANTA CLAUS I As he sat on the sni I We have been. very, good mgh'. He thought of the night l Iill a~|i|-I|ii~~ ~ "~ :,~:, ~ --'~( ~.~'~' \ ~FY. ~ Z00~t ~' school students th,s year. (We thinkI When his mother got ill I -- - - - " "'- ~ .... ~'~'~:' ~~';; : witt so) Some of us would like to te And the flock tdok flight [ ~,~lr~.~'~ ~ ~ !~ [~ ~ ';,~ii~ ; f,.. ' you" especially what we want Ior ! The owl was aslee'- "~" t i~~ ~~ ~/-:"""k"% ~ ~'~. "~ ~i , ::" a Ps I ~ " Or fhnstm,,as. Earl Messne o antsThe The bird too small, I Come in mail see our large assortment of Christmas :Sto : stooge ~o go ~o scnoot t r All he ave was a ee . / . ~..:" ~ ~i . ~ ry ............ -n s n;or classes I g P P I mill gifts for all ages. Many new ones shown for the first i d-- sopnomur~, j .......... . ) A peep, that was all. ] ~~~.,~x,~" "~:'~'l~ ~ ~,~--X~R ~ -de, want the freshman banner dedmatmn . , .v~ ,, ~ ., ,1 time.. ~- ~ ~t~ ~"~,,~ 71~; ,n~vh~ you could heln the ] The owl said, "How absurd." ] _- _~ - _ ~_-_., _- ~ "t ~ ~ l~m~-.,--J~.~,~. ~,~~I~ ~ i a~d tt ~resi~r~an, Rus~sefi ~H[awk .wants. an ] Sothey gotto,be ~ds [ ~- - - ~,~ i~ ~ ~~~~ ~ The 'answer book for advanced .mgebra...~ ....... ~, .......... / p- -- ~ - ~ ~-2.~j~'.'~'~li~.~/~]~.,~. ~ ~~~-~,~--:~ - ..~,v~m~:mmm ~ hr 1 The next day she went over to her neighbor Mrs. Tarky told her about the meeting . While the neighbor went on with her labor She said that Mrs. Braun used cream in her coffee without beat- ins. Minnesota in geography, We expect to learn many interesting things about our state. Everyone is excited about Christ- mas. We have been busy practicing for the Operetta. In language we have memorized Christmas poetry while threading we have read Christ- mas stories. ltl)W. CO., f 0